Industry Meetings

The Industry Meetings is a series of events that cater to professionals in the field and anyone else interested in learning more about the artistic creation behind-the-scenes. They consist of the Crossovers presentations, the Panel Discussion and the Speed Dating session, all of which will take place at Het Ketelhuis on April 6th, from 12pm until 4pm. You can reserve your spot here.





Descent Into Maelstrom: the Untold Story of Radio Birdman

Director Jonathan Sequeira
Australia / 110 min. / 2017 / English / English subtitles

The odyssey against wind, tide, venue owners and marketing departments, by the pioneers of the Australian underground, and natural heirs of Detroit’s fiercest rock: Radio Birdman. This screening is free for members of SUBBACULTCHA.





The Rollings Stones Gimme Shelter

Director Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin
United States / 92 min. / 1970 / English / English subtitles

The end of an era incarnates in the Rolling Stones’ tour of America, in 1969. Their tragic concert in Altamont administers the fatal blow to the innocence of the Sixties and inaugurates the spirit of a new decade. Utterly awesome images. Prints of the original poster will be sold in the foyer. The Muff will perform at the foyer after the screening.





Joan Jett Bad Reputation

Director Kevin Kerslake
USA / 92 min. / 2018 / English

Intense biography of Joan Jett’s greater glory, from The Runaways to the Black Hearts and until today, that reveals the lesser known facets of this pioneer of rock made by women, and icon of rebellion and courage.




Cheesehead Blues Re-Cut

Jan Doense
The Netherlands / 63 min. / 2019 / English, Dutch / English subtitles of Dutch conversations

Adventures of a Dutchman in the Mississippi Delta. Cheesehead Blues Re-Cut is a music documentary on the state of the blues set in Clarksdale, Mississippi, birthplace of the delta blues and second home of Theo Dasbach, founder of the amazing Rock & Blues Museum. After the screening there will be a QnA session and a performance by Robbing Banks. You can also catch a photo exhibition by the director Jan Doense at Het Ketelhuis during the festival.




Two Sevens Clash (Dread Meets Punk Rockers)

Director Don Letts
United Kingdom / 44 min. / 2017 / English / English subtitles

A tiny treasure. Don Letts dusts off his personal collection of Super8 tapes to review the “punky reggae party” in first person. The fruitful understanding among rastas and punks from 1976 and 1977 to which he contributed from the turntables of the legendary Roxy club, and which led him on a Jamaican adventure, accompanied by John Lydon. There will be a QnA after the screening with legendary director Don Letts. This screening is free for members of SUBBACULTCHA.





Vrienten & Vrienten in Basmannen

Joris Postema
The Netherlands / 54 min. / 2019 / Dutch / English subtitles / Sign Language Interpretation of the Q&A

What is the outcome of a search of Henny and his son Xander Vrienten, two generations of bassists, to the magic of the bass guitar and the soul of the bass player? Are the bassists and their instruments have changed over the years, or is it still happening always down to ‘grooves’? There will be a QnA after the screening.





Rudeboy: the Story of Trojan Records!

Director Nicolas Jack Davies
Jamaica, United Kingdom / 86 min. / 2018 / English, Jamaican / NO subtitles

Between documentary and cinematic remake, the story of the most famous Jamaican music label is also that of the love affair of the young British working class with the rhythms that emerged in the ghettos of Kingston.




Punk in Paradiso

Director Monica Kugel
The Netherlands / 40 min. / 1978 / Dutch / NO subtitles

‘Punk In Paradiso’ was filmed on the 17th and 18th of February 1978 during the first Dutch Punk Festival, the first time that only Dutch punk bands performed at Paradiso two nights in a row. The director of the film will give an introduction and after the screening there will be a panel discussion about the punk scene with Martijn Haas, Joris Pelgrom, Tony Slug Leeuwenburgh and Pierre Deluxe, moderated by Leonor Faber-Jonker.





A Dog Called Money

Director Seamus Murphy
UK / 90 min. / 2019 / English / English subtitles

As imaginative as the creative process it documents, A DOG CALLED MONEY is a uniquely intimate journey through the inspiration, writing and recording of a PJ Harvey record.


The night will end with a DJ set from Don Letts followed by DJ m-Sebastian.