Who is: Stockhausen

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Many of you will probably already be familiar with the idiosyncratic and ambitious composer Stockhausen. Fabled for his pioneering contribution to electronic music, he has gone on to inspire artists including Bjork, The Beatles, Miles Davis, and Pink Floyd, just to name a few.  From pieces devoted to the snow-capped Austrian Alps, written for 300-piece […]

Who Is: Metallica

My name is Remco Faasen, and I am one of the editors-in-chief of the metal e-zine Zware Metalen. I was asked to briefly introduce this listening party for the new Metallica album: 72 Seasons. A listening party at a music documentary festival. That sounds strange, but it’s not because it’s Metallica. And Metallica has been […]

The Top 10 Lee Fields Songs You Need to Hear

Lee Fields

Lee Fields is a legendary soul singer whose music has delighted audiences for over five decades. Known for his powerful vocals, passionate performances, and timeless sound, Fields has carved out a unique place in the music world as one of his generation’s most dynamic and influential artists. Born in North Carolina and raised in New […]

Strik’s Picks

Steven Strik

With one of our largest film programmes to date, In-Edit NL is again packed with great music documentaries across a wide range of genre, subjects, and artists. We know it can be tough to find what exactly to watch, but luckily, we’ve got some advice. We’ve asked our friend and the Melkweg Film programmer Steven […]

10 Seminal Moments of Cologne Electronic Music

Sound of Cologne

For our fifth edition, IN-EDIT NL will host several documentary films around the subject of electronic music in Cologne, Germany. Across the programme, we will time travel into the heartland of the German city’s extensive electronic music scene, from the 1950s to today with Kristina Schippling’s The Sound of Cologne. Then, CAN and Me presents […]

What is: Manguebeat

On Wednesday, April 19, we present the European Premiere of Jura Capela’s Manguebit. But what is this most interesting of genres? We thought we’d dive into it a bit and see what exactly is Brazilian Manguebeat (mangue bit, manguebit). The Brazilian Manguebit cultural movement is a unique and powerful expression of the marginalized communities living […]

What is: Japanese Minyo


Screening at the fifth edition of IN-EDIT NL will be Yuji Moriwaki’s Bring Minyo Back. The film looks at the Minyo Crusaders, a Tokyo-based band looking to bring the genre back from oblivion. But what exactly is Japanese Minyo? We thought we’d dive a bit deeper into the genre. Japanese Minyo (Min’yō) music is a […]

5 Tracks: Sticks

A unique and intimate insight into the life, work methods and mindset of one of the Netherlands’ most influential modern musicians, Matthijs van Camerijk’s Sticks – Het Mooiste Komt Nu screens as part of In-EDIT NL on Saturday, April 9, 2022 @ Melkweg. After the special screening, Sticks himself will be joining us for a […]

Playlist: Crestone

On Monday, 4 April @ 19:30h in Melkweg Cinema, one of our favourite films from the fourth IN-EDIT NL programme will screen. Crestone is simply a mind-blowing portrait of “SoundCloud rappers” Animal Collective who isolate themselves in the Colorado desert to be self-sufficient and post music to the Internet. The film delicately shows the social […]