Punk in Paradiso

Director Monica Kugel
The Netherlands / 40 min. / 1978 / Dutch / NO subtitles

‘Punk In Paradiso’ was filmed on the 17th and 18th of February 1978 during the first Dutch Punk Festival, the first time that only Dutch punk bands performed at Paradiso two nights in a row.


The black-and-white documentary shows the rawness of punk and the impact that the emerging punk music had on young people, with chaotic scenes both on stage and in the audience. Short fragments from almost every band that played those nights, can be seen followed by an interview in the dressing room.


As with punk, the image and sound of the documentary is not perfect or smooth. The black-and-white film is scratchy and the sound is studio like. The documentary is raw honoring the punk genre.



After the screening of the film, we will have a panel of representatives of the local punk scene in the room to discuss about punk matters… past and present, evolution and changes, people and venues.


Sitting at the couch will be:

Martijn Haas

Martijn Haas (1971) started around 2006 an investigation into street art during the so called years of No Future. As a result of this he published three books: Stad Kunst Guerilla, Dr. Rat and Bibikov for president at Lebowski Publishers. He also joined a one time re-publication of Vinyl Magazine, together with Oscar Smit, Leonor Jonker and Marcel Harlaar, which was presented in a box at the time of release in 2012.


As a youngster Haas grew up in Nijmegen during the eighties and joined the local squad movement. Punk was in it’s second or third phase – kids walked around with ‘punk is dead’-buttons – by that time but it hadn’t lost it’s ferocity, although a sort of separation of tribes became visible: skate, oi!, metal, postpunk etc.


Haas nowadays works for tv as part of an editorial team at Talpa Media channel SBS6.


In 2017 he published a book about criminal Stanley Hillis called “Kouwe Ouwe” which became a bestseller with 30.000 sold units.

Joris Pelgrom

Spring 1978 15 year old Joris Pelgrom, or as he was known Half Twee, was asked by No Fun record label owner Hansje Joustra and God’s Heart Attack singer Ronald van den Brink if he wanted to record a single. Lacking any musical talent Joris asked Pieter ‘Piep’ Kooijman, guitarist with God’s Heart  Attack, to help with the music. Pieter came up with two great tunes and Joris wrote the words. ‘I don’t care what the people say’ about no more or less than what the title indicates and ‘Half Twee’.


As soon as the record was released it became a success in the Amsterdam punk scene. So much so that it was decided that gigs were in order. First Joris did some guest appearances at God’s Heart Attack concerts. But soon, after Pieter and Joris had written ten more songs, concerts as Helmettes were given around Amsterdam and other places in Holland. Two years later, after many line up changes, Helmettes more or less fell apart. And Joris disappeared from the Amsterdam punk scene.


Occasionally Helmettes do come back for a short live performances, at book presentations etc.

Tony Slug Leeuwenburgh


His musical backcatalogue spans 4 decades and is way too vast to summarize in a few lines. He has been in bands like the NITWITZ, B.G.K., LOVESLUG, he formed the HYDROMATICS. Currently he is doing a side project with CHEETAH CHROME from the DEAD BOYS.


He has done probably 40 European tours of a month each, 5 USA tours, and he plays on more records than he can recall. My music has bootlegged about 40 times…


Tony is a long runner in the Punk Scene.

Pierre Deluxe


Founding member of the Dutch punk band the Mollesters. Original Punk, OldStudent, authentic rebel, guitarist and singer, beatmaster, dancer and DJ. His main fields are experimental, dance, dub, techno and avant garde. He also dares in poetry and solo performances.


Much more about him, here: www.iconoclast.nu

Leonor Faber-Jonker, writer of the book No Future Nu (2012) about the cultural history of the Punk scene in the Netherlands, will be the moderating the Punk Panel.


Leonor Faber-Jonker (Amsterdam, 1987) is an author, researcher, and artist. Her work is characterized by a fascination for objects and materiality, memory and history, perception, and the sublime. Inspired by punk’s do-it-yourself mentality she started organizing concerts of old school punk bands when she was in her early twenties. She soon began publishing on the underground of the late 70s and early 80s. In 2012, her book No Future Nu was published and she was one of the editors of Vinyl 2012, a new edition of the 1980s music magazine. Together with Oscar Smit, she wrote ‘NoFun/ Torso / Plurex’ (2016), a riso-printed publication on the first Dutch punk labels. She also co-curated the accompanying exhibition. Today, she focuses mostly on (African) colonial history, literary non-fiction, collages, drawings and photography. Her love for punk continues to shine through in her self-published (collage) zines.

Punk in Paradiso (Festival Première)
Whizz Guy, Ivy Green, Captain Coke, God's Heart Attack, Blitzz, Panic, Speed Twins