Speed Dating session

How can I get involved in the field of music documentary? 

I have an idea for a project, how can I approach a production company?

I have a music documentary, how does distribution work?

I am a musician searching for someone to make a film about my band, where do I look?


As part of our 2nd edition of In-Edit, we decided to add a new element to the Industry Meetings. Speed Dating is an event that aims to connect experts in the field of music documentary with the new generation of professionals, artists and creators that are in the beginning stage of their career. The purpose of the Speed Dating session is to provide young creators with inspiration and advice in the process of making a music documentary.


This event will have an overall duration between 1h and 1h30, with each Speed Dating session lasting for about 10’.


Join us after the Panel and the Crossovers to chat with your fellow industry mates!

April 6 at 14:00
Het Ketelhuis

The Speed Dating Session can be booked on the same date from 13:00 at the foyer of Het Ketelhuis.


Photo: Joao Carlo Rodrigues



During his International Law studies at the University of Amsterdam, Jan Doense began his career in film as a critic and a journalist. He is the founding director of the Imagine Film Festival (formerly the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival), which he ran until 2008.

Over the years Jan has organized many other film-related events, such as the infamous Night of Bad Taste and Halloween Horror Show, resulting in the nickname “Mr. Horror”. In 2016 he launched the new Dutch genre film festival “Amsterdamned”: http://amsterdamnedfilmfestival.nl/

Meanwhile Jan produced and directed several shorts and music videos. In 2009 he founded House of Netherhorror, where he developed four feature length film projects with financial support from the Netherlands Film Fund. The first of the series – Chris W. Mitchell’s THE POOL – was released in 2014.

In 2008, upon his retirement as director of Imagine, Jan was made a Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau on the basis of his work for the Dutch film industry. From 2009 until 2018, Jan has been business manager of Dutch monthly film magazine ‘de Filmkrant.’ As of November 1st 2018, Jan has been appointed artistic director of the International Film Festival Film by the Sea in Vlissingen, the Netherlands: https://www.filmbythesea.nl/



In 1990, Claire Pijman graduated in Cinematography at the Film Academy in Amsterdam. Since then, she works as a cinematographer on documentaries and fiction. She photographed feature films like Good Morning Karachi (2013), by Sabiha Sumar and Jermal (2008) by Ravi Bharwani.

She made several documentaries amongst Foot on the Moon (1999), on the set of Dancer in the Dark (2000), and the music documentaries Amsterdam Sinfonietta Revealed (2013) about a string orchestra that works without a conductor and  Talking Guitars (2007), about master guitar maker Flip Scipio.

A longtime friendship and apprenticeship with Robby Müller started after she operated one of the cameras on the Buena Vista Social Club (1999), by Wim Wenders. Robby Müller is one of her most important inspirators.

Her most recent film is Living the Light- Robby Müller ( premiered in competition at Venice Biennale, 2018) is a documentary on Robby and his work, based on his personal archive-footage.



Rob Alexander is a producer and director with perfectmotion. Based in Amsterdam and Brighton he works in both drama and documentary. Currently, he is shooting the thriller Concrete Plans with The Punisher’s Amber Rose Revah, and Goran Bogdan (Fargo).


Most recently he produced and co-directed the documentary Gary Numan: Android in La La Land, following the godfather of electronic music as he moved to LA and returned to the studio for the first time in a decade. The film premiered in SXSW and screened in festivals across the globe including Melbourne, Edinburgh and In Edit.


His other projects have included co-producing the Grierson nominated documentary The Man Whose Mind Exploded (Netflix/FilmFour), developing and producing BBC radio features such as the story of Black CNN with Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Beat Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti at 90 and the story of Elvis and Col Tom Parker.


He has deconstructed pop songs with Guy Chambers, Rufus Wainwright, Richard Carpenter and Cathy Dennis for other BBC productions, made his way across the Rio Grande with troubadour Tom Russell, shared burgers with Presley’s Guitarist Scotty Moore, traced the story of Country & Western Music all across the US and documented the Summer of Love and the birth of the Hippie Movement in San Francisco.




Dennis Alink is a Dutch film maker and movie critic, best known for SLUIZER SPEAKS and UNKNOWN BROOD, that was recently nominated for two LA Film Awards.


In 2009 Dennis got accepted at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam, where he graduated in 2013. His first feature length film SLUIZER SPEAKS tells the story of George Sluizer, director of such films as The Vanishing and Dark Blood who fully dedicated his life to cinema.


In 2016 UNKNOWN BROOD, about the life of dutch rock ‘n’ roll star Herman Brood, was released. For this documentary Dennis interviewed people like Bono, Anton Corbijn and Frank Black. In november 2017 UNKNOWN BROOD was nominated for two LA Film Awards (Best Director, Best Cinematography).
Alink recently released GOIN’ RECTAL, a comedy documentary about the glam rock band Rectum Raiders. The documentary had it’s premiere at In-Edit 2018 and was recently nominated for best documentary at the Grand Budapest Film Festival. He is currently wrapping up on DE LAATSTE TOUR about famous Dutch comedian Freek de Jonge and shooting a yet to be announced music-documentary about one of the original Woodstock ‘69 artists.



Thomas van der Gronde is a cinematographer for several feature length documentaries, such as Unknown Brood (2016) about Dutch rock ‘n’ roll star Herman Brood, and Goin’ Rectal (2018) about the Dutch glam-metal band Rectum Raiders. Besides his role as a cinematographer he is also the writer for these documentaries. Creating a narrative in a documentary is his main focus. Thomas van der Gronde graduated in 2013 from the Dutch Film Academy and has been working on documentaires, fiction films and commercials since.