Crossovers: film, music and now what?

Presentation of innovative projects

Music, film, video clip, music documentary… and then what?

Crossovers is an event dedicated to exploring the boundaries between music and the moving image (film, music video, VR experience, video art, or a commercial to name a few). Crossovers is examining those boundaries, but it’s also looking into the future possibilities for synergy between the two media. It is a series of presentations of audiovisual projects, in which music plays an integral part. The aim of this event is to connect professionals in the industry and create a platform for the new generations of artists and creators to glance at the future prospects in the audiovisual field.

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Sizzer – Robin van der Kaa


Finding the right music for your moving images is a challenge – some people think about it before a single shot is on film, some people realize they need a soundtrack two weeks before the planned release. But how can you work together with a composer or music company to create the best sonic support for your film or commercial? How can you translate your own musical ideas into a briefing that works for musicians and composers?


Robin van der Kaa is a brand manager at Sizzer, a go-to partner for the most creative and ground-breaking musical stories being told in film and advertising. He will try and explain why and how visual and musical visions can come to beautiful results if only they work together.

WeMakeVR – Avinash Changa


Avinash Changa is the founder and CEO of WeMakeVR, a company focusing on immersive technologies. Using tools like AR, VR and MR, the company produces innovative applications, ranging from cinematic VR to complete interactive universes.  


The company’s work has received numerous awards and nominations, such as their nomination for a Dutch Academy Award (Gouden Kalf) for the surrealistic VR drama ‘Ashes to Ashes’, a Bright Award for their medical training tool and the European Excellence Award for ‘Beat the Street’, an interactive game to teach high school kids about the dangers in traffic. Innovation is central to WeMakeVR, as is illustrated by, amongst others, their Guinness world record for the first ever developed VR music video.


In his presentation, Avinash will tell about the several music projects WeMakeVR developed and how he sees the future of immersive technologies and music.

End of time


End of Time is a live, audiovisual performance, utilizing 3D speaker setups to immerse the listener completely in the experience. The projects consist of three members, who create sonic-scapes that form an aural field through the use of ambisonics technology. They use space as part of the composition, in a similar way to tones and harmonies and they perform their multi-dimensional music spatially with a mix of acoustic and digital instruments (like the gong, quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, digital sequencers and controllers to name a few). End of Time consists of Trippin Jaguar, Anthoni Logos and Shift Meditation.


Trippin Jaguar (Francesco Robustelli) is a DJ, producer, composer and sound designer whose work on the cutting edge of spatial sound design enables the group to push the boundaries. Shift Meditation (Stacey Griffin) brings her sound therapy skills and experience creating innovative experiential concepts, leading sound healing to the mainstream, from SXSW to museums, nightclubs and corporate boardrooms. Anthoni Logos (Daniel Schotsborg), is a producer and live act, an accomplished live musician and composer that studied music and the brain, and delves into mystical mathematics, old books and weird technology to find out the best possible frequencies that take you to the highest dimensions.

Saturday 6 at 12:00
Het Ketelhuis, Room 2

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