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IN-EDIT International Music Documentary Film Festival of the Netherlands brings new international and Dutch music documentaries to Amsterdam and other cities of the Netherlands. Next to film screenings, the festival has live performances by matching musicians, Q&As with artists and directors, panel discussions,… and the Industry Meetings, a buzzing and in constant growth professional program arranged by and for professionals.

The Industry Meetings is a yearly gathering for filmmakers and industry professionals of the field of music documentary, and a platform for creators to meet, discuss and learn.

A place where new talents meet the experts, where new projects are developed, where the cutting edge of the industry is discussed, where networking is as fun as fruitful, where music and film join forces, where film and new media meet.

The overarching theme for our 2024 edition is “Rhythms of Change – Innovating Music Documentaries”, where we explore how new technologies, platforms and creative approaches influence the way we tell stories about music, artists and music culture. Music documentaries today are not only pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking, but also engaging audiences in a more profound and interactive way, representing a new era of storytelling within this genre. The IN-EDIT Industry Meetings this year are offering a platform to discuss these innovative storytelling methods from different perspectives with a diverse programme consisting of:

Expert Talks
Various professionals from the fields of film, documentary, music and emerging technologies come on stage to talk about their experiences, interesting projects and innovative ideas to inspire the audience and stimulate further discussions. There are 3 main talks in this programme, Crossovers, Hands-on and a Master talk.

  • Crossovers: A fusion between conversation and experience in which new ideas about digital storytelling and the impact of technological advances on the music documentary industry are touched upon.
  • Hands-on: What is the practical/technical side of digital storytelling? How do you make your music documentary immersive? In what concrete way is it possible to create a VR experience in this field? Those are questions that will be tackled in this talk.
  • Master talk: A speaker with a notable career in the field of digital storytelling with a link to music documentaries guide us through their past experiences and discuss recent works.

Deep Dive with DRIFT
Talk with the collective blackbird from the machine and makers of DRIFT, a fictional audio experience rooted in scientific fact and real world data that will transport us to the whimsically far-future landscapes of the Netherlands. We will dive into the generative audio tools and AI they used, giving examples of generative music and films such as Brian Eno and the recently launched documentary on his life, Eno, also made with generative tools… What does this mean? It’s never the same twice! And, if this is not be enough, we will be early test-audience for a slice of this experience. 

IN-EDIT In Short
A program consisting of short music documentaries created by emerging film talent. As part of a creative exchange of young and emerging talents, short Dutch music documentary productions are screened. Do you have a short to submit? See more info here.

Showcase: Heavy Baile
With this showcase, we shed light on a unique experience that combines film, music, diversity, culture, technology, and debate. The documentary Heavy Baile Mixtape III is the latest film by Hugo Inglez, in which he collaborates with Heavy Baile’s founder Leo Justi and the legendary choreographer Léo Garcia. The conversation after the screening will delve deeper into the visual ethnography of the documentary, exploring the symbolic cultural elements and contexts as part of the film’s rich content. Also, the production technical challenges will be discussed, creating an innovative listening experience for the audience. The bass is recorded with exaggerated intensity, so the sound physically vibrates the space, such as the walls, windows, and floor. This refers to the original sound walls built for the bailes.

Smack My PITCH Up! The Pitch Sessions
An event where new filmmakers are given the opportunity to further develop their new music documentary project (at any stage of development) during a professionally led workshop and then pitch this project to a panel of industry professionals such as film programmers, film marketing experts, funding managers, sales agents and distributors from which they receive feedback and advice. Do you have a film project to pitch? 

Walzer VR
IN-EDIT expands the Industry Meetings this year by introducing a VR experience for the first time! Walzer is an immersive virtual reality experience by Frieda Gustavs and Leo Erken, where you step into a documentary world guided by the waltz. Explore various stories about women’s rights and the first wave of feminism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as you journey through a captivating photographic landscape, accompanied by music and sound. This experience is built from thousands of unknown personal photos collected from flea markets, online marketplaces, and private collections. Fascinating stories emerged during the process of collecting and digitally restoring these images. By connecting photos and combining them with the power of music, words, sounds, and 3D technology, narratives are created.


13 April: Showcase: Heavy Baile – 21:30 
14 April: Smack My Pitch Up Pitch Sessions – 11am-1pm
14 April: Shorts programme – 2pm
15 April: Deep Dive with Drift (networking drinks afterwards) – 19:00
16 April: Expert Talks (networking drinks afterwards) – 19:00


The Industry Meetings take place at Melkweg (Lijnbaansgracht 234a 1017 PH Amsterdam)

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