Deep Dive With DRIFT

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With the overarching theme of the industry meetings “Rhythms of Change – Innovating Music Documentaries,” we are excited to announce the first Industry Meeting: Deep Dive with DRIFT, an open-world podcast project created with generative audio content and AI. We will tell you all about it with a twist on music! With examples such as generative music and the new documentary on Brian Eno, which was also realized with generative tools.

DRIFT, is a fictional audio experience rooted in scientific fact and real world data. It tells the story of a country shaped by water, technology and an overconfident species: the humans of the Netherlands 500 years into the future. An octopus narrator guides you through a post-climate-crisis country where the bio- & meta-data rhythms of your current earth generate the content for your future DRIFT earth. DRIFT’s episodes are co-created by external elements, clicked together like a collection of LEGO bricks. And whether you listen to it again tomorrow or next year: the experience will never be the same. The DRIFT listening experience can change with the current of the seas and the phases of the moon. And it will adapt itself, for instance, to the amount of planes leaving Schiphol airport. This innovative production blends a new dynamic (almost interactive) way of listening via your favourite podcast app, with a narrative world you can explore while pressing play, again and again.

Ready to be part of this great experience? Be sure to bring a podcast app on your phone and some headphones! 

Nienke Huitenga (Narrative immersive and XR experiences), Hay Kranen (creative coder) and Lieven Heeremans (Co-Founder at Stichting podcastnetwerk) will guide you through this amazing trip with your personalized ticket to the whimsically far-future landscapes of the Netherlands.

DRIFT is produced by STUDIO ZZZAP and VPRO Medialab, with support from Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

About the Speakers

Nienke HuitengaNienke Huitenga is an award-winning immersive designer and strategist. In her work she blends media strategy, digital concepts and immersive experiences.


Hay KranenHay Kranen combines in-depth technical (web) knowledge with a pragmatic approach and a creative angle. Designing, developing, tinkering and hacking on the thin line between art, data, technology and narrative.

Lieven HeeremansLieven Heeremans is a creative producer and editor specialized in audio with a focus on podcasting.



Deep Dive With DRIFT
Monday, 15th April @ 19:00 – 20:30h


€ 5: Free for Cineville Holders

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