Walzer VR

Walzer VR

‘Walzer’ is an immersive virtual reality experience by Frieda Gustavs and Leo Erken, where you step into a documentary world guided by the waltz. Explore various stories about women’s rights and the first wave of feminism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as you journey through a captivating photographic landscape, accompanied by music and sound. The waltz seamlessly transitions between different moods, accompanied by songs and poems in eight different languages, taking you on an emotional journey through history.

This VR experience is built from thousands of unknown personal photos collected from flea markets, online marketplaces, and private collections. Fascinating stories emerged during the process of collecting and digitally restoring these images. By connecting photos and combining them with the power of music, words, sounds, and 3D technology, narratives are created.

Each visitor embarks on a unique journey through the surrounding photographic landscape. You have full control over which portraits you want to explore. The intelligent VR work adapts to the viewer’s movements. The journey begins shrouded in dense mist and the original score by composer and creator Frieda Gustavs – the enchanting waltz that gives the project its title. Step into this virtual world where your knowledge, background, and interactions shape the overall experience.


Walzer VR
Sunday, 14th April from 13:00h – 21:30h
Monday, 15th April from 17:00h – 21:30h
Tuesday, 16th April from 17:00h – 21:30h

Melkweg – upstairs

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