Vrienten & Vrienten in Basmannen

Joris Postema
The Netherlands / 54 min. / 2019 / Dutch / English subtitles / Sign Language Interpretation of the Q&A

What is the outcome of a search of Henny and his son Xander Vrienten, two generations of bassists, to the magic of the bass guitar and the soul of the bass player? Are the bassists and their instruments have changed over the years, or is it still happening always down to ‘grooves’?


Henny Vrienten and his son Xander share an unconditional love for one instrument, an underestimated instrument: the bass guitar. Bass guitarists are in the shadow, next to the drummer. Nobody notices them until they stop playing. Henny is an a-typical bass player. He is at the front of the stage, his bass parts dictate the sound of the band and are now part of the Dutch cultural heritage. Xander is a bass player the band of Jett Rebel. He is standing at the back of the stage, next to the drummer. Henny and Xander differ in their love for the same. Driven by their passion they go looking to the magic of the bass guitar and the soul of the bass player. They visit old and young Dutch bassists Herman Deinum (71), Rinus Gerritsen (71), Michel van Schie (59), Glen Gaddum jr (35), Gino Cochise (27) and father and daughter Hein (59) and Jasja Offermans. Are they still the boys who could not play guitar well enough, or did they find themselves there? a shift has taken place between generations?

** Dutch Sign Language interpretation provided for Q&A of this event!

Director Joris Postema (1973) made his debut in 2013 with the documentary ‘FC Rwanda’ which premiered at the IDFA. The documentaries of Joris dig under the suface of hidden stories.


DOXY produced his second documentary ‘De Erfenis’ (‘Daan’s Inheritance’), which premiered during IDFA 2016 and then went to the cinema. Also, DOXY produced ‘Vrienten & Vrienten in Basmannen’

Pablo Cabenda will moderate the Q&A. Cabenda is a publicist and a journalist at the Volkskrant among other newspapers and he is one of the proud ambassadors of IN-EDIT.


His passion for music lead him to us! Lucky us! He specialized in music journalism in particular although he writes also about other social and cultural matters.

Vrienten & Vrienten in Basmannen
Saturday 6 at 19:45
Q&A with Xander Vrienten
Henny & Xander Vrienten, Herman Deinum, Rinus Gerritsen, Michel van Schie, Glen Gaddum jr, Gino Cochise, Hein & Jasja Offermans
Wiro Felix
Tim van Peppen
DOXY Films in coproduction with NTR