10 Music Documentaries on Liberation

3rd May 2020FANZINE
Here in the Netherlands, May 5 sees the public Liberation Day holiday (Bevrijdingsdag), where the country comes together in marking the end of its Nazi occupation during World War 2. Preceding Liberation Day comes the equally reflective Remembrance of the Dead (Dodenherdenking), which remembers all those who have died in conflicts since the end of [...]

#IRockAtHome: Stream Concerts, Films, Music & More

19th March 2020FANZINE
In the spirit of actively urging people to stay home, we want to introduce #IRockAtHome: an IN-EDIT online initiative with suggestions for live concerts, movies, and more! Follow the hashtag to get your IN-EDIT fix, while in your PJs! Do YOU have any suggestions for time well-spent indoors or do you want to show us [...]

5 Artists Using Artificial Intelligence To Make Music

16th March 2020FANZINE
Since the beginning of musical performance, artists have pushed the boundaries of its capabilities. From "plugging in" guitars to digital DJing, such innovations in technology and performance are the lifeblood of musical evolution.     These days, this space lies at the intersection between music, performance, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Such technology is able [...]

The Power Of Music – Rock Against Racism

9th March 2020FANZINE
A pivotal story within the history of British music, that is often forgotten or unknown, was the rise of punk rock against racism. This included the founding of Rock Against Racism (RAR), a movement that formed in the late 70s in response to the alarming increased support for the Neo-Nazi National Front. Violent racist attacks [...]

Reinventing New Order: A review on Decades

22nd February 2020FANZINE
"What this project is, it's not about nostalgia, we are trying to work at what can be done now. We're trying not to look backwards, I think." Liam Gillick, artist of the “So It Goes” New Order show.   This phrase can probably be applied to the whole “New Order: Decades” documentary. Although there’s a [...]

Jazz for Life

9th February 2020FANZINE
What is it in Jazz music that makes it so attractive? Why does it have some of the most loyal fans, even after so many years after its prime? Of course jazz came out of the spiritual songs of the oppressed african-americans, through the blues, to the swing and New Orleans style, but the kind [...]

A complex Synth Universe

2nd February 2020FANZINE
Imagine entering a long hallway. Strong light that resembles the Californian sun shows you the way through the fan palms that cover the walls. A subtle, yet recognizable sound reaches your ears but you can’t really understand what it is. It sounds like disco or Italo Disco but you wouldn’t dare to frivolously label it. [...]

IN-EDIT picks from IFFR 2020

26th January 2020FANZINE
It’s IFFR again! The International Film Festival of Rotterdam has started and as always, the program is spectacular! From the wide variety of titles, we chose to present to you the music films that you can watch at this year’s festival. So, just hop on a train, get to Rotterdam (if you don't live there [...]

Keith Haring: An artist for the people

19th January 2020FANZINE
Infamous for his graffiti styled pop art, Keith Haring’s iconic style comprised of silhouetted figures using solid, bold lines and vibrant colours that saw him blur “high” and “low” art. Haring had a unique ability to simultaneously attract a mass audience while spreading awareness for a variety of social causes, using a visual language that [...]

9 Great music documentaries to watch online now

12th January 2020FANZINE
Picture this: It's a cold night. Your mind's made up; you're not going out tonight. You're scrolling through your Netflix list, but nothing seems to satisfy you. Well, we're here to save your night! We've compiled this list of music documentaries you can find online (some for free, some on demand) to quench your thirst [...]