The 2021 IN-EDIT Opening Film Has Been Announced!

30th January 2021FANZINE, NEWS

And the bells are ringing out for the Dutch premiere of Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan, directed by Julien Temple (The Filth and the Fury) and produced by Johnny Depp. The film follows the bold but troubled life of legendary Irish singer and songwriter, Shane MacGowan, frontman of The Pogues – … Read More

IN-EDIT Team Selections: Noa Defesche

16th January 2021FANZINE
For this year’s festival I will be responsible for all IN-EDIT’s visual communication. As a documentary fan and designer/artist, this job is the perfect combination for me.   I grew up in Amsterdam so I am very much looking forward to being part of a festival taking place in my hometown. I cannot wait to [...]

IN-EDIT Team Selections: Carla Navarro

5th October 2020FANZINE
I am the director of IN-EDIT Netherlands, a die-hard groupie of the first IN-EDIT Barcelona which started 17 years ago, who happened to move to Amsterdam and was too stubborn to let that yearly meeting go. Why not bringing my favourite festival to the city I was living at? Luckily, I met Anna, my most [...]

IN-EDIT Team Selections: Anna Chvartchenko

10th September 2020FANZINE
I am the Festival Manager of IN-EDIT, which means that I am involved with every bit of the festival. From programming to communication, but also dealing with big sponsors or our volunteers. I try to be everywhere, haha! Together with Carla, we started the festival in the Netherlands three years ago (although it took a [...]

IN-EDIT is going ON TOUR

23rd July 2020FANZINE, NEWS

Since the third edition of the music documentary film festival IN-EDIT had to be postponed until the 22 – 25 of April 2021, we are organising special screenings throughout the Netherlands to fill in the gap in your music documentary loving hearts. The special screenings will be accompanied by a digital Q&A with the directors … Read More

IN-EDIT Team Selections: Rania Mouzakiti

19th July 2020FANZINE
Film and music are LIFE. I wrote two theses on the relationship of music and film and I still remember Carla approaching me when she found out about my research and thought I would be a great addition to the In-Edit team. For the first two editions, I was in charge of organizing the Industry [...]

5 Best Guitar Duos of All Time

29th June 2020FANZINE
Mike Figgis' documentary Ronnie Wood: Somebody Up There Likes Me follows one of Rock n' Roll's most prolific guitarists as an intimate story of  music and art.   On the cutting edge for over 5 decades, Ronnie Wood may best be known as one-half of one of the best guitar duos of all time (with, [...]

IN-EDIT Team Selections: Almu Tabernero

31st May 2020FANZINE
My name is Almu Tabernero and I left Spain 6 years ago to live in the inspiring city of Amsterdam. At IN-EDIT, I am in charge of the Online Team and the Visual Content Creation.   When I am not busy creating our content, I work as a filmmaker and photographer. My dream is to [...]

IN-EDIT Team Selections: Steve Rickinson

22nd May 2020FANZINE
A first-year volunteer at IN-EDIT, I am also the new coordinator of the Dutch edition's Fanzine.   What a first-year it has been, am I right? Not only has the pandemic caused changes and postponements for us, but I have also relocated across the continent right in the midst of it all. After spending 6 [...]

IN-EDIT Team Selections: Christianna Tsigkou

17th May 2020FANZINE
A proud member of the production team, these last two months would have been my busiest if not for the pandemic outburst and postponing of our festival.   My role is essentially making sure everything runs smoothly at all times and that guests and audiences are always happy. I started as a volunteer in the [...]