IN-EDIT is back! Interview with Carla Navarro and Anna Chvartchenko

13th January 2019FANZINE
After a successful first edition, IN-EDIT is back again this year to please our ears, feast our eyes and warm our hearts with an international selection of music documentaries as well as live concerts, events and panel discussions.   IN-EDIT is a global festival that’s bringing together two of the most important ingredients of modern [...]

Elvis Lives!

12th June 2018FANZINE
Who is Elvis? And who is he to me?   Elvis Presley never performed in The Netherlands. Dutch folks have been as far removed from Elvis as the Amish from guitar amps. But some of us have our own stories …   My half-brother’s dad was an American who was killed in an accident before [...]

Interview with Dick Verdult/el Demasiado

15th May 2018FANZINE
The career of Eindhoven-based artist and musician Dick Verdult spans decades. He is seen as ‘the last Dada-ist’. But what we experience as elusiveness turns out to be quite controlled and funded on experiences from his childhood as a ‘Philips child’ in Latin America. We see how, at the age of 60, he has become a cult [...]

Sophie Janna over ‘Where You’re Meant To Be’

10th May 2018FANZINE, Uncategorized
Sophie Janna is folk muzikante en zal Lucky Fonz III op zaterdag 19 mei muzikaal begeleiden tijdens zijn presentatie van de film 'Where You're Meant To Be' over Aiden Moffat. Wij vroegen haar alvast wat vragen over o.a. haar favoriete muziekdocumentaires.   Hey Sophie, Wat vind je van het IN-EDIT festival en dat het voor [...]

Roeland Dijksterhuis about Rockumentary Grunn

2nd May 2018FANZINE
Hi Roeland, thanks for joining us today! We’re super stoked to see your Rockumentary Grunn project being played at IN-EDIT in a few weeks! Can you explain a little bit about the project, and also more on your short documentary called ‘Open the Gate’?  How did you come up with this idea?     Great [...]

An ode to the music film – by Dennis Alink

2nd April 2018FANZINE
Director Dennis Alink has multiple films to his name, the last one being the music documentary, 'Unknown Brood', about the late Dutch rock and roll artist, Herman Brood. This year his new production, 'Goin' Rectal', about the glam rock band Rectum Raiders will premiere at the IN-EDIT festival. We've asked the director/film critic to write [...]

“Bob Dylan komt als het ware de sixties brengen.” Lucky Fonz III over zijn favoriete muziekdocumentaire

26th March 2018FANZINE, Uncategorized
Lucky Fonz III, ieders favoriete singer-songwriter van het moment, is vanaf dag één al ambassadeur van IN-EDIT NL. Tijdens het festival zal Lucky de film 'Where You're Meant To Be' presenteren, een documentaire over Schotse rock/folk zanger Aidan Moffat. Wij vroegen Lucky naar zijn passie voor het festival en belangrijker, naar zijn eigen favoriete muziekdocumentaire. [...]

A METAL HEAD’S JOURNEY – interview with Nick Roovers

20th March 2018FANZINE
Nick Roovers, one of the masterminds and filmmakers behind “Same Music, Different People”, explores the world of metalheads in Europe. Our reporter Candice decided to explore a bit more about Nick and his own journey towards this film.   So nice to speak to you Nick, thanks for joining today! We wanted to first ask [...]


28th February 2018FANZINE
Nearly four years ago I landed in Amsterdam from Barcelona with the highest expectations that a 33-year-old woman can have… skyscraper style, yes! Never shoot low!   It was June and the so-called Dutch summer kept my life busy from terrace to terrace getting to know the city and the people in winter clothes. My [...]