I am the Festival Manager of IN-EDIT, which means that I am involved with every bit of the festival. From programming to communication, but also dealing with big sponsors or our volunteers. I try to be everywhere, haha! Together with Carla, we started the festival in the Netherlands three years ago (although it took a bit longer setting it up from the actual idea to the realization) and it’s been amazing to see our baby grow!


My favorite music docs & why is a very difficult question! I’m easily drawn into a story and every time I see a good film, I absolutely LOVE it and think it’s my favourite at the moment. But here we go:


Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back (1967, D.A. Pennebaker)

This is a very interesting music documentary because it really breaks with the tradition of music docs in the past. Dylan is very real and portrayed very raw, not from a sugar-coated perspective. He says what he thinks and is actually a bit unlikable. Which is great to see! Not like a promo of a music artist, which some docs seem to be.

Amy (2015, Asif Kapadia)

This film just really got to me. The narrative is so addictive, it sucks you into the rise and especially fall of this destructive singer. The archival material makes you really get to know her and feel as if you are part of her inner circle. Very well done, I think.


Rebels on Pointe (2017, Bobbi Jo Heart)

This film just combines all of my loves: drag, film, ballet, drama! It’s not just the story of how an all-male, drag ballet company (Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo) puts on a show, it’s also the story of liberation and getting accepted in a very tight strict world. As they say themselves, it’s a great combination of high culture and camp! What’s not to love?


Anna Chvartchenko