(l to r) Lucky Fonz III, Pablo Cabenda, Rob Alexander

IN-EDIT NL is just days away. If you are still wondering what to watch let our distinguished ambassadors give you some tips. Here, three of our industry supporters give their picks on the music documentaries they are most looking forward to from our 2021 programme.

IN-EDIT Music Documentary Festival takes place 16 – 20 June 2021 in Amsterdam cinemas and in cinemas throughout the country over the following weeks.

Lucky Fonz III

Lucky Fonz III is a unique singer-songwriter to emerge from Amsterdam’s underground scene. His quirky yet engaging body of songs and lyrics has gained him a dedicated international following.

Crock of Gold - A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowen

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

I am very excited by the combination of Julian Temple and Shane MacGowan! They are both masters in their own fields. I love The Pogues and think MacGowan is a songwriting genius. He must be the perfect subject for an exciting film; there is just so much sense of romance in his work, his legendary character, and of course, the deep tradition of folk music, which holds special interest for me as I myself started out singing traditional folk songs too before I wrote my own.

9 Lives of Ozzy Osbourne

Biography, the 9 Lives of Ozzy Osbourne

I feel that Ozzy has become such a figure of comedy in the last few years as a reality tv-star that people have forgotten what an incredible influence he has had on modern music, and what an intense songwriter and singer he has been. Rock music would not have been what it is without his work. His clownish madcap image has at times overshadowed his achievements as a visionary musician, so I am excited to see how this documentary will present him and his legacy.

The Songpoet

The Songpoet

I’ve already seen this movie and I love it. Eric Andersen is an underrated artist and a great songwriter. Songs like ‘Close the door lightly when you go’ are up there with the finest folk-inspired songs ever written. This film does Andersen justice by telling his story. I’ve always been fascinated with the 60s NYC Greenwich Village folk scene that he sprung from, so it is very exciting to me to be hosting the Q&A with him after the showing of the documentary Sunday, June 20, after which Eric will perform too.

Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander is a producer and director with perfectmotion. Based in Amsterdam and Brighton he works in both drama and documentary.

Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm

On top of my list, there is Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm. I’m from Wales and the stories from Rockfield are legendary, from the recording of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to some eventful times had thereby bands like Oasis, the Stones Roses, and names like Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy.

Crock of Gold - A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowen

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

I’ve heard great things about Shane Magowan’s documentary and I imagine that making it was tough too, with music documentaries the story behind the film is always interesting and Shane is pretty notorious, so I’m keen to hear the intro video from Julien Temple as well.

Sisters with Transistors

Finally, Sisters with Transistors, having made a documentary with Gary Numan I was aware of many parts of the electronic music story that simply haven’t been told, and especially the story of the numerous female pioneers. So it’s great that this film got made to bring a voice to them and to uncover more about the worlds that they came from.

Pablo Cabenda

Pablo Cabenda is a freelance journalist, he writes for the Volkskrant, Boekmanstichting, Raad voor Cultuur, Time Out Magazine Amsterdam among other publications.

Crock of Gold - A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowen

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

I’m not of the romantic notion that artistic geniuses have to cling to their demons for inspiration. I’m sure Shane MacGowan would write even better songs if he wasn’t such an alcoholic. But he is an extraordinary songwriter and I’m very curious as to what he has to say about his own artistry.

The World is Yours: The Story of Hip Hop and the Internet

It’s Yours: A Story of Hip-Hop and the Internet

Intrigues me as a journalist. Hip hop as a music genre had all the ingredients to become something with just a handful of resources. As a rapper on your own with just some technology in this day and age, you don’t need the apparatus that record companies offer.