IN-EDIT in short

Several directors
The Netherlands / 60 min. / 2018 / Several languages / English subtitles

We have selected four short films from all the submissions we have received under the Dutch Music Documentary Short category. We are happy to have a space in the festival for shorts and new makers, come and check them out!


We will screen the following films on a row and the filmmakers will be present for a Q&A at the end.

Axel Roks, portrait of a bass builder

Director Lieve Claessens

5 min. / 2018


A portrait of luthier Axel Roks, who builds custom bass guitars out of his garage in Breda. In this documentary short, shot in just 5 hours, we get an insight into a world that’s all about craftsmanship and a great passion for music.

Closer to Nature

Director Kristina Petrasova

18 min. / 2018


Dmitry Badiarov, violin master and passionate music maven, has paved the long way from the early childish dreaming of music existence to successful craft knowledge becoming a perfect example of joining the dinkum path of life and achieving the inner harmony.

Keys to Mozart

Director Ivo van Aart

8 min. / 2018


Everyone is familiar with Mozarts’ music. But what happens when we listen more closely? Pianist Daria van den Bercken and director Ivo van Aart show you the elegance in Mozarts’ compositions.

Muziek als Medicijn 

DirectorsLiz Dautzenberg, Lysander Wiering

29 min. / 2017


Many areas in the lives of Jan, Olaf and Sharon are affected by their mental disorder. Life, education, work: everything seems to be dictated by their mental condition. Despite their different backgrounds and seasons of life, the three share the same challenging road, but also a passion for playing music. Music as medicine shows their participation in a music project that emphasises on strengths instead of limitations. The approach of the music project is as inclusive as one can think of: caretakers, family members, professional musicians and music therapists are equals during rehearsals and performances. With an arsenal of weapons consisting of violins, guitars, keyboards, drums, microphones and a lot of courage the group breaks down boundaries and challenges the stigma surrounding mental health today. What emerges is a touching picture that reveals the healing power of music and shows how music opens up avenues for communication that transcends the limitations of verbal expression.

Introducing this year’s IN-EDIT in short is Frank Franco. Frank is a blogger, aspiring cultural writer and above all music fan. Not the type stay in one place, he likes to travel to see his favorite bands. Whether it’s seeing a shoegaze reunion or up-and-coming indie act – he likes to share his excitement with others and is happy to be a part of this year’s IN-EDIT festival for the second year in a row.


Favorite music documentaries: Wild Combination, The Nomi Song, What Happened, Miss Simone?

IN-EDIT in short
Sunday 7 at 13:00
Cinema 2
Q&A with the directors