IN-EDIT IN SHORT Audience Award 2024: Call For Entries

IN-EDIT is an international network of film festivals related to music documentaries. Created in Barcelona in 2003, it has organized more than 50 editions in different countries around the world, screening more than 700 music documentaries throughout its history, and currently attracting more than 100.000 viewers a year across the globe.

IN-EDIT Festival NL is the Netherlands’ edition of IN-EDIT, which counts with international and Dutch music documentaries. Next to the screening of the films, the festival has live performances by matching musicians, Q&A’s with artists and directors, and industry meetings arranged for and by professionals. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on IN-EDIT 2024.

Our 6th edition will take place in cinemas in Amsterdam from the 11th to the 21st of April 2024 and throughout the Netherlands during May and June 2024. We now open the call for entries for IN-EDIT IN SHORT Audience Award Competition 2024 for short Dutch music documentary films.


Documentaries that fulfill the following criteria are eligible for IN-EDIT IN SHORT Audience Award Competition:

  • Year of finalisation: 2023 or 2024
  • Maximum length: 30 minutes
  • Genre: documentaries related to music. This can be approached from any point of view or focus, be it social, aesthetic, ideological, biographical, anthropological, etc. The musical style does not influence the selection criteria
  • Production country: only music documentary films made totally or partly by Dutch parties
  • We will prioritize films that haven’t been shown in the Netherlands before, especially on competitive sections
  • The final version of the film must have English subtitles.

Films will not be eligible if:

  • Are not made by Dutch parties*
  • Have been TV broadcasted or will be broadcasted before the end of the next festival (June 2024)
  • Are publicly available online

*Films made by non-Dutch parties can be submitted via our headquarters’ website:


If your short music documentary is selected, it will automatically compete in the IN-EDIT IN SHORT Audience Award Competition. There is no screening fee for competing films.


The deadline for submitting Dutch entries for IN-EDIT IN SHORT Audience Award Competition 2024 is 15th February 2024. You can register and submit your film via this link or button below.


IN-EDIT Netherlands counts on a Selection Committee that carefully selects the film according to the quality, originality, urgency, uniqueness and artistic approach of the content, the subject, the story, or the perspective.

The Selection Committee’s decision will be communicated by email to the contact address provided in the registration form and will be final on the 28th of February, and this will be final. IN-EDIT NL will announce the selection on its channels from the 13th of March. We ask the film crews to refrain from communicating any information until the festival has made it public via its channels.


All the films that have been selected will receive a contract that formalizes their participation in the Festival. Following this formalization, the Festival must be provided with the corresponding promotional material and the screening copy. The Festival will cover transport costs for the screening copy, if necessary.

The Festival reserves the right to the official publication of the list of selected titles and will agree on the order and screening date of each documentary. The Festival commits to not screen each title more than three times during its physical dates (excluding possible prior press screenings and including possible ON TOUR screenings).

From the time of signing the participation agreement to the date of the closing of the Festival, the selected film must remain unscreened in the Netherlands or on any online platform. Furthermore, it may not be withdrawn from the Festival from the moment that the screening permission is signed, and the obligation will stand to provide the Festival with all materials required for the optimal screening of the film with sufficient notice.

The Festival reserves the right to refuse participation in any film that does not comply with the technical requisites for a high-quality screening.


The IN-EDIT IN SHORT Audience Award Competition 2024 is a competitive section of the Festival, and the award will be given by the audience. The audience will receive voting ballots at the entrance of the cinema room. All the short selection titles will be listed in the voting ballot, and the audience will mark one to which they would give the award.

The screening of the short documentaries’ selection will be without stop one after the other in one cinema slot of a maximum of two hours. Only one ticket is required.

At the end of the screening, the voting ballots will be collected and counted by the Festival crew, and the winner will be announced at the closing ceremony on Saturday, 20th April.


The award for the winner of the IN-EDIT IN SHORT Audience Award Competition 2024 is direct access to the film program of IN-EDIT FESTIVAL in Barcelona. The winner will not have to undergo a selection process and will be directly selected to participate in the short documentary section of the largest edition of IN-EDIT, with more than 40.000 visitors every year that will take place in Barcelona in October 2024.

IN-EDIT Barcelona will arrange the subtitling of the film into Spanish and provide the film crew with a new contract to sign a binding agreement for a new screening in Barcelona and free accreditations to the Festival. IN-EDIT Barcelona does not cover travel or accommodation in Barcelona during the Festival days.


  • Participants that have registered their documentaries for the Festival declare that their work is original, does not constitute plagiarism and does not violate any copyrights, rules, laws or legislation of any type and that they are solely responsible for any irregularity that may derive from the screening of the films in the Festival or the use of any materials provided.
  • IN-EDIT will keep all copies of films submitted for the selection process but said copies will not be used without the consent of the producers and/or owners of each film.
  • All the information about a film provided on the registration forms is susceptible to publication on the Festival website or other online and offline channels if the film is selected.
  • The producers are responsible for the inclusion of all the credits of the registered films and must individually address any subsequent complaints by third parties for failure to comply with this requisite.
  • The public screening of the documentaries at the Festival and the use of promotional material do not imply any obligation to pay for copyrights related to the owners, authors, artists and other participants in these films.
  • Participation implies total acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • In the case of divergence in the interpretation of this rule, the text will be applied in Dutch and in accordance with the legislation active in the Netherlands. 
  • In the event of a legal dispute, this will be subject to the legal proceedings of the Netherlands, expressly renouncing any other authority. Any question that arises during the Festival that is not covered by this regulation will be decided upon by the Festival’s
  • Organization Team in alignment with international regulations.

For queries, please contact