1. Applicants for the Pitch Sessions declare that their work is original, does not constitute plagiarism and does not violate any copyrights, rules, laws or legislation of any type and that they are solely responsible for any irregularity that may derive from the use of any materials provided.
  2. Applicants should fill in the submission form found on the website responsibly, especially with regards to their personal and contact information.
  3. All information regarding the project provided on the application form is susceptible to publication on the Festival website or other online and offline channels if the project is selected.
  4. All applicants should be available on the date of the pitch event as well as the workshops and be able to be physically present at the location of the event, unless otherwise instructed by the organisation of IN-EDIT.
  5. The finalists are participating in a series of workshops (2) prior to the final pitch to the panel. In those workshops the participants will be asked to share their ideas amongst themselves and by the guidance of a coach, improve their project plan and pitch.
  6. The finalists, after confirming their participation, will be asked to pay a fee of 50€ to enrol in the workshops and be able to pitch in the final event. 
  7. The panel will choose one of the pitched projects to automatically have a spot in the program of a next edition of IN-EDIT Netherlands. This maker will therefore be asked to deliver a finished project to the organisation of IN-EDIT on a time period agreed upon by both parties. If finishing the project is not possible by that time, the maker will be asked to deliver a rough cut/work in progress. The organisation of IN-EDIT will then assess if it’s still possible to include the project in the programme and in which format.
  8. The public screening of materials at the Festival and the use of promotional material do not imply any obligation to pay for copyrights related to the owners, authors, artists and other participants in these projects.
  9. IN-EDIT does not claim any copyright to the ideas of the participants in The Pitch Sessions.
  10. Participation implies total acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  11. In the case of divergence in the interpretation of this rule, the text will be applied in Dutch and in accordance with the legislation active in the Netherlands.
  12. In the event of a legal dispute, this will be subject to the legal proceedings of the Netherlands, expressly renouncing any other authority. Any question that arises during the Festival that is not covered by this regulation will be decided upon by the Festival’s Organization Team in alignment with international regulations.

For queries, please contact industry@in-edit.nl