OPENING PARTY: The Strange Sound of Happiness



IN-EDIT 2019 will open with the Dutch Première of the film The Strange Sound of Happiness (2018) by Diego Pascal Panarello. The director will come from Sicily to explain us more about his crazy, magical and hilarious trip to Siberia, where he could find all about the instrument of his obsession: the mouth harp.


The bizarre and charismatic personality of Diego will reach the climax with a mouth harp performance by himself!


Mr. Extravanganza will take us by the hand to open the festival and start the trip to the uncanny IN-EDIT 2019! Let’s shine, crazy diamonds!


18:30 Walk-in
19:00 Welcome
19:15 Start of the film
20:50 Opening Speech, Q&A and performance
21:30 DJ Oscar Smit and drinks!


** CRAZY DIAMONDS DRESS CODE: We encourage you to go crazy and dress as shinny as you can!