My name is Almu Tabernero and I left Spain 6 years ago to live in the inspiring city of Amsterdam. At IN-EDIT, I am in charge of the Online Team and the Visual Content Creation.


When I am not busy creating our content, I work as a filmmaker and photographer. My dream is to become a documentary director. I am currently editing my first documentary, filmed in Svalbard, next to The North Pole.


I am restless, and I squeeze my days to get the best of them. Besides my job, I am currently hosting a a weekly YouTube live program about the Spanish cinema industry. And I am about to publish my second poetry book. I’ll sleep when I’m dead 😉


I started as a photographer at the first edition, and I fell in love with the festival and the team. The energy during the days of the festival is so vibrant and fun, but working every week with the IN-EDIT team has flooded my life with creativity.  Our meetings are very inspiring, and full of awesome and crazy ideas.


During the lockdown, we faced the challenge to start #IRockAtHome, as a way to support artists and directors, and also as a way to deal with the profound sadness of postponing our third edition.


My favorite documentary from all the IN-EDIT editions is The Devil and Daniel Johnston, by Jeff Feuerzeig.


1. Pearl Jam Twenty

It is a rare gem, directed by the director and writer of Almost Famous. If you are a Pearl Jam lover, you will suffer watching Eddie Vedder climbing to the top of the stage. If you aren’t, you will found out the delightful soul each of the members of this band has.

2. Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound

An extensive close-up of sound in cinema, in each of its aspects (score, Foley, actors voice, etc.) and through history, narrated by the technicians and sound masterminds of Hollywood. A must-see for film lovers and sound connoisseurs.  

3. Everybody’s everything

I was reluctant to watch this documentary since I am not a huge fan of trap music. However, the story of its main character, Lil’ Peep, is the story of a raw, pure artist, who experienced music in a different way. A very touching view of the destructive patterns that a creative mind can follow.   – Almu Tabernero