IN EDIT NL 2021 Full Programme Announced!

The full programmme for IN-EDIT NL’s 2021 has now been announced. After the first phase announcement, a couple more features round out our music documentary festival running 16 – 20 June 2021 in Amsterdam, with dates around the Netherlands in the weeks following.

Opening Film

Crock of Gold – A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowen

Crock of Gold - A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowen
Julien Temple, UK, 2020, 124m
[OPENING FILM] [DUTCH PREMIERE] Follow the bold but troubled life of legendary Irish singer and songwriter, Shane MacGowan, frontman of The Pogues – the iconic Anglo-Irish Celtic punk band that combined traditional Irish folk with the raw energy of punk rock music.

Side programme: live online Q&A with director Julien Temple; Moderated by Dennis Alink


New Additions

Biography: The 9 Lives of Ozzy Osbourne

9 Lives of Ozzy Osbourne
Greg Johnston, USA, 2020, 86 min
[DUTCH PREMIERE] Follow Ozzy Osbourne’s journey from a poor childhood and time spent in prison to becoming rock’s elder statesman and a lovable 21st-century TV dad.

Side programme: TBA digital introduction by the director or live digital Q&A


Poly Styrene I am a Cliche

Poly Sytrene I am a Cliche
Celeste Bell, Paul Sng, UK, 2021, 89m
The death of punk icon and X-Ray Spex frontwoman Poly Styrene sends her daughter on a journey across the world and through her mother’s archives to reconcile their fraught relationship.

Side programme: TBA digital introduction by director


Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm

Hannah Berryman, UK, 2020, 92 min
[DUTCH PREMIERE] 50 years ago, deep in the Welsh countryside, two brothers were milking cows and preparing to take over the family farm – but dreamed of making music.

Side programme: TBA digital introduction by the director or live digital Q&A


Sisters With Transistors

Sisters With Transistors
Lisa Rovner, France, 2020, 89 min
[DUTCH PREMIERE] The remarkable story of electronic music’s female pioneers who embraced machines and technology to transform how we produce and listen to music today.

Side programme: TBA digital introduction by the director or live digital Q&A


Ibiza: The Silent Movie

Ibiza: The Silent Movie
Julien Temple / UK / 2019 / 92 min
[DUTCH PREMIERE] A non-stop musical time-travelling trip through the history of dance music’s most influential, charismatic and spiritual island in the Mediterranean.

Side programme: digital introduction by director Julien Temple



Harro Henkemans, The Netherlands, 2021
[DUTCH PREMIERE] The famous Dutch pianist, composer and psychiatrist Hans Henkemans (1913-1995) has spent his entire life in search of ‘the essence’ of music. Twenty-five years after his death, his ‘musical sons’, Ed Spanjaard, Jac van Steen and Melchior Huurdeman look back on their friendship with Hans Henkemans and on his striking role in the ‘sonic’ discussion.

Side programme: live Q&A with director Harro Henkemans and live piano performance

New Order: Decades

New Order Decades
Mike Christie, UK, 2019, 89 min.
A unique opportunity to get to the heart of a truly iconic and brilliant band. Part concert and part documentary, Decades follows New Order’s preparations as they re-stage their acclaimed collaboration So It Goes with the artist Liam Gillick.

Side programme: digital introduction by the director and live digital Q&A with the director consisting of send-in questions by the fans.

Phase 1 Films

American Rapstar

American Rapstar
Julian Staple, USA, 2020, 74m
[DUTCH PREMIERE] A new scene of troubled, lo-fi young rappers have emerged from Trump’s America, utilizing the SoundCloud streaming platform to quickly become the most culturally disruptive force in hip hop, shocking the world with their rambunctious antics, prescription drug use, facial tattoos, and rebellious punk energy.

Side programme: TBA digital introduction by the director or live digital Q&A

A Tuba to Cuba

A Tuba to Cuba
Danny Clinch/T.G. Herrington, USA/CUBA, 2019, 82m
[DUTCH PREMIERE] A Tuba to Cuba follows New Orleans’ famed Preservation Hall Jazz Band as they retrace their musical roots from the storied city of jazz to the shores of Cuba and in turn discover a connection that runs much deeper than could have been imagined.

Side programme: live Q&A with Danny Clinch; Moderated by Everaldo Pechler

Jimmy is punk – The story of PANIC

Jimmy is Punk - The Story of PANIC
Duco Donk, The Netherlands, 2020, 51m
[DUTCH PREMIERE] The story of the Dutch punk band PANIC is at the heart of this energetic and entertaining documentary about the early days of punk.

Side programme: Q&A with director Duco Donk; Moderated by Inge Helena Rietjens

My Darling Vivian

My Darling Vivian
Matt Riddlehoover, USA, 2020, 90m
[DUTCH PREMIERE] My Darling Vivian traces the romantic, wrenching, and dizzying journey of Vivian Liberto, Johnny Cash’s first wife and the mother of his four daughters, a woman with an immensely tumultuous life, and forced to live under Cash’s shadow.

Side programme: digital introduction by director Matt Riddlehoover and producer Dustin Tittle

The Go-Go’s

The Go-Go's
Alison Ellwood, USA, 2020, 97m
[DUTCH PREMIERE] The Go-Go’s are the most successful female rock band of all time and among the first ones for that matter. This documentary chronicles the meteoric rise of a band born of the LA punk scene that not only captured but created a zeitgeist.

Side programme: TBA digital introduction by the director or live digital Q&A

The Songpoet

The Songpoet
Paul Lamont, USA, 2018, 113m
[DUTCH PREMIERE] Eric Andersen was at the vanguard of the 1960s Greenwich Village folk music scene, but in a five-year period he found himself a victim of improbable circumstances changing his trajectory.

Side programme: Q&A with Eric Andersen, presented by Lucky Fonz III; Performance by Eric Andersen or live digital Q&A with director Paul Lamont


It’s Yours: A story of Hip Hop and the Internet

The World is Yours: The Story of Hip Hop and the Internet
Marguerite de Bourgoing, USA, 2020, 74m
[DUTCH PREMIERE] Watch how the latest generation of hip hop artists successfully utilised the Internet to elevate their music and their reputation, as it brought them ten steps closer to their audience, creating a more immediate relationship.

Side programme: live Q&A with Marguerite de Bourgoing; Moderated by Steve Rickinson

Short Films

Diggin’ Demos

Diggin Demos
Katinka Schlette, The Netherlands, 2020, 6:46m
One musician. One collector. Two worn-out demo tape cassettes. Diggin’ Demos is a film about tracing and preserving forgotten music treasures and stories. Stories from the period of the 70s and 80s, when the invention of the music cassette enabled musicians to release their music by themselves.

A Wall of Sound

A Wall of Sound
Joris Hendrix, The Netherlands, 2019, 11:11
For more than three decades Hans Kulk has been on a musical quest, collecting old test equipment from the 1950’s. Instruments that were never meant to produce music and were originally used for nuclear research and in space laboratories.

The Song

The Song
Daan van den Berg, The Netherlands, 2019, 22m
American singer-songwriter David Olney tours the Netherlands each couple of years, but this time he struggles with physical issues that comes as a price for his love for touring.


Ira Hoefsmid, The Netherlands, 2019, 29m
Three friends made a pact to live like rockstars and then kill themselves at the age of twenty-seven. They are sure that they will do this even when something changes in their lives. Now they are starting to grow up, do their views change? Will the pact stay intact?

Side programme: Q&A with short film directors; Moderated by Steve Rickinson