Nearly four years ago I landed in Amsterdam from Barcelona with the highest expectations that a 33-year-old woman can have… skyscraper style, yes! Never shoot low!


It was June and the so-called Dutch summer kept my life busy from terrace to terrace getting to know the city and the people in winter clothes. My friend Ari was living here with a lot of beer-lover-Catalan friends… uuuhhh independence! Ups, I am not going down this road, no.


The relevant thing is that when the day shortened and the terraces were gone, I realised that I would not have my yearly dose of IN-EDIT… Chaos! Destruction! Mordor! Ahhh!


IN-EDIT started in Barcelona in 2003 and it happens at the end of October ever since, therefore my panic. I decided I was not going to live in The Netherlands without IN-EDIT, no.


At this time, I was working at the recently open Foodhallen and I thought to propose to the Hallen people to organise IN-EDIT The Netherlands… Nope, it did not work… But! There is always a bright side of life! I did get there my most loyal partner in crime, Anna with an impossible surname (also my love Brian, with an incomprehensible Dutch articulation, but this is another story).

Together we have been working hard to build a plan, raise enough geld and attract along the way a fair number of friends that are as cucu as us to help us to start a festival in the land of festivals. This is why we are today ready to finally go bananas screaming out loud “Fuck yeah! IN-EDIT in Amsterdam!!”


IN-EDIT is not like any other festival, but you, like any other beautiful soul, YOU can get addicted to it. It gives you right the perfect amount of fun and essential information (music is highly important yes!) that you cannot live without once you taste it… but don’t trust my words, come to IN-EDIT, feel it for yourself!


Carla Navarro

Director IN-EDIT The Netherlands.