Breaking A Monster

Director Luke Meyer
United States / 92 min. / 2015 / English / English subtitles
Two worlds collide: on one side three black teens that play (Unlocking The Truth), and on the other, two Sony top dogs with vile marketing plans. The kids’ playful innocence is threatened by an ex-Disney manager with dubious intentions (and methods). Warning: this film contains embarrassing and tragicomic ingredients.




The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Director Jeff Feuerzeig
USA / 106 min. / 2005 / English / English subtitles
The American underground’s favourite iconoclast. Saint of the self-taught DIY, canonized by Yo La Tengo and Nirvana, trapped in a hurtful tale of mental health and unrequited love. Filmed with the meticulous attention of a fan.





Peret, Yo Soy La Rumba

Director Paloma Zapata
Spain / 94 min. / 2018 / Spanish & Catalan / English subtitles
From the backwaters of Mataró to half the world’s stages, the artistic and personal adventure of Peret, the artist who with a little mambo, a blast of tanguillo and a pinch of rock created the Catalan rumba.





I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story

Director Jessica Leski
Australia, USA / 93 min. / 2018 / English / English subtitles
A lucid and revealing essay on the phenomenon of the “boybands” through the personal experience of four women ranging from teens to sixty-somethings, and from One Direction to the Beatles.





Studio 54

Director Matt Tyrnauer
USA / 98 min. / 2017 / English / English subtitles
The rise and demise of the defining temple of the disco era. Half self-tribute by the surviving founder and workers of the Manhattan club, half black chronicle on the downfall of their earthly paradise.