Lee Fields Faithful Man

Lee Fields: Faithful Man

Jessamyn Ansary, Joyce Mishaan
2022/ United States/ 80 min

Lee Fields is a funk and soul legend 50 years in the making. In this feature documentary, his journey to find his place in soul music history takes you from vinyl to virtual — and back again.

Listening to the soul sounds coming through his transistor radio in the late fifties and early sixties, Lee was hooked. Through the seventies, he made his living touring the legendary Chitlin’ Circuit alongside some of the greatest names in blues and soul history. He landed a gig with Kool and the Gang before their rise to fame. But, as the seventies came to a close, disco began its reign and Lee’s soul career plummeted.

For decades, he thought his music dreams were dead. But with one phone call, everything changed… Do you want to find out?

*Due to a very successful and sold out screening that we organised during our last IN-CROWD, we’ve decided to screen the film one more time during the festival. Missed it? this is your one time to catch it again! And this time, we will have the directors Jessamyn Ansary and Joyce Mishaan here to participate in a Q&A.



Saturday, 22 April 2023 | 15:00
Melkweg Cinema
English spoken
Q&A with directors Jessamyn Ansary and Joyce Mishaan