Kids of the Bims

Kids of the Bims

I AM HERE: Max Paschke, Maik Schuster
2022/ The Netherlands/ 33 min.


Welcome to Zuidoost, the Bijlmer. Directed by I AM HERE, Max Paschke, Maik Schuster, the short doc produced by Mr.Frank explores the story of the Bims, the Bijlmer; the history, its figureheads, subculture, and the fast-growing gentrification looming on the horizon. From traditional Surinamese music to Afro Beat, HipHop and more, we discover what shapes the new sound of the Bijlmer and how it affects the current social and cultural Dutch landscape.

Young creatives are challenging what it means to be Dutch in a time where tensions around immigration and identity are at an all-time high, in a country that is in conflict with its own liberalism. Despite injustices faced by the generations before them in the neighbourhood, this unapologetic new generation channels them through a positive, insatiable creative energy. By focusing on the present, we learn about the Bijlmer’s past and take a critical look at its future. With gentrification at its peak, what will the future of the Bims look like?

*Kids of the Bims is the closing film of the 5h edition of IN-EDIT and we have planned a full exciting programme to close with a BAM!
First, we will give the award to the short music documentary that will win the IN-EDIT IN SHORT Audience Award to farewell the festival.

Then, we will ‘Kids of the Bims’ (33min) which will be followed by a Q&A with co-director Maik Schuster, Miguel Teixeira (Mr.Frank) and Angelo Bromet (protagonist), moderated by Augustina “MS.ABA” Austin in collaboration with Da Bounce Urban Film Festival.
We will top it up with the LIVE performance of Amartey!
And all of the visitors can join our afterparty at Bubbling Forever!

MS.ABA (also known as Augustina Austin), is a multi-faceted artist: a presenter, broadcaster, public speaker, performer and creative entrepreneur. As a Dutch-Ghanaian creative, she seeks to make the needed connections between the Netherlands and the African continent. Her main expressions: music, talk and performing arts.



Saturday, 22 April 2023 | 20:00
Upstairs Melkweg
English, Dutch spoken/ English subtitles
Closing Event: IN-EDIT IN SHORT Audience Award 'Kids of the Bims' Q&A with co-director Maik Schuster, Miguel Teixeira (Mr.Frank) and Angelo Bromet (protagonist), by Augustina "MS ABA" Austin. Amartey LIVE and access to Bubbling Forever This film is free for We Are Public pass holders, limited capacity!