The Long Run


2023/ Various

The IN-EDIT IN SHORT programme features this year’s selection of short music documentaries that will compete for the Audience Award. The programme will start with an introduction about the relevance of short filmmaking (vs feature length) to put us is the mood for a full programme of three Dutch short productions. The winner will directly enter the short section selection at the biggest IN-EDIT festival edition in Barcelona! The future of these films is in your hands, our dear audiences!

Shorts selection:

The Long Run

Mark Limburg / 2023 / Netherlands / 29 min.

The Long Run

When you’re in a rut, you look for ways to get out. In this film, the creator explores whether the music he listened to in his younger years, the carefree years, can inspire him once again to climb out of the pit. He seeks out the heroes of the past to investigate whether the fire and passion with which those bands played their music still exist.


Gijs Walstra / 2023 / Netherlands / 6 min.

At the beginning of 2022, Yannick Verhoeven (composer & producer) stayed in residency for three months in the Mission house at nursing home Park Zuiderhout.

The peace of mind he found there as well as the inspiring conversations with residents became part of the music he composed during his stay. At the end of his residency he performed his music live in the chapel for the residents.

Jaaa, dat wil ik

Kian Danaie, Tiago Esteves / 2023 / Netherlands / 21 min.

Eline has one big dream: to become a pop star. This ain’t always easy when there are many challenges to face. In the documentary Jaaa, dat wil ik, we follow Eline’s big adventure. Will she become a real pop star?



Sunday, 16 April 2023 | 15:00
Melkweg Cinema
Introduction The Long Run Thalamus Jaaa, dat wil ik! + Q&A with the filmmakers