Opening Film Announced!

A special anniversary edition asks for a special kick-off. We open our beloved 2023 festival with the quirky and creative film u.Q. – a hypnotizing music docudrama that follows the journey of Estonian mother-son pop duo Marju and Uku Kuut. After the film director Ivar Murd and producer Margus Ounapuu will join us for a Q&A, followed by a live performance of the just as unique and creative musician Stippenlift.



2021 | Estonia | 83 min. | Dutch Premiere

Although Marju Kuut is a household name in Estonia, Uku Kuut’s fame might not reach far beyond the country’s borders. But don’t be fooled – his story and artistry are nothing short of a phenomenon. The film takes us on a delirious ride from Marju’s days as a national jazz-pop star in the Soviet era to their lives in Sweden and California, where they made torrid synthetic funk music together. The film covers it all: from the KGB and eccentricity galore, to emotional dependency, the American Dream, and the temptation of easy money. It’s a Greek comedy captured on 8mm, VHS and BETA tap