1. We expect our volunteers to be available at least three days from the 1st until the 10th of April 2022. Although you might not be scheduled all days, we need this flexibility while making the schedules.


2. As a volunteer, you are part of the IN-EDIT organisation, and are treated as such. This means that you represent IN-EDIT during the festival. We expect you to wear the festival shirt that we give you and be the shining light of our festival.


3. The volunteer’s coordinator is responsible for monitoring and implementing IN-EDIT’s volunteer’s policy. She will carry out the front-line coordination of the volunteers. We expect you to follow her directions. If you have any troubles or questions, don’t hesitate to contact her (in person or through volunteers@in-edit.nl). If you want to talk to somebody else, the managers will be present during the festival. You can send an email to production@in-edit.nl.


4. We expect our volunteers to be punctual and appear at the venue they have been appointed to 30 minutes before the start of their shift. Notify the volunteer’s coordinator upon arriving. If you cannot make your shift due to sickness or another emergency, please notify the volunteer’s coordinator as soon as possible. Together you can contact other volunteers to see if someone can fill in. Bear in mind that we make the schedule with great care and when we assign you a shift, we expect you to be there.


5. IN-EDIT is not responsible for loss or theft of personal belongings of volunteers. Don’t leave valuables unattended in public areas, do not bring laptops, cameras or other valuables when you’re working as a volunteer. All volunteers are covered by the liability insurance of the venues. This insurance can be called upon in the event that IN-EDIT is held liable for something caused by a volunteer while he/she was working for IN-EDIT. Liability for damages will be assessed on a case-by-case basis; in some cases a volunteer may have recourse to his or her own third-party liability insurance (WA-verzekering). In the latter case, if he or she is insufficiently insured, the volunteer may also have recourse to the Amsterdamse vrijwilligersverzekering [Amsterdam Volunteers’ Insurance].


6. As a volunteer you are representing IN-EDIT. During your shift we don’t allow any alcohol consumption or drug use.


7. In order to keep the cinemas a safe and comfortable space for everyone, you will need to adhere to the measures against COVID-19 that each venue has set. Furthermore, you will also be responsible for visitors to do the same.


8. IN-EDIT holds the right to stop the collaboration between the festival and the volunteer when we notice any misconduct of the volunteer during their shift at the festival.


9. Volunteers are allowed to go to screenings outside of their shift if they are not sold out. Simply make sure you come 5 minutes before the start of a screening to see if there is enough place for you. Volunteers who come first, will be given a seat first.


10. Every volunteer that sticks to our requirements, is entitled to the following benefits:


  • The possibility to watch films from the IN-EDIT program for free (see number 9 above)
  • Lunch when working morning/afternoon shift, dinner when working an afternoon/evening shifts. Shifts that start at 7 pm or later do not carry this entitlement.
  • Free entrance to the exclusive festival opening event on Thursday the 31st of March.
  • Free entrance to the IN-EDIT kick-off party at Cinetol on Saturday the 19th of March.
  • Access to our IN-EDIT festival preview (I’m Wanita) on Friday the 18th of March from 15:00
  • Access to the IN-EDIT closing party on Sunday the 10th of April
  • An IN-EDIT festival T-shirt and poster