Director: Harro Henkemans
The Netherlands / 80 min. / 2021 / Dutch / English subtitles

The famous Dutch pianist, composer and psychiatrist Hans Henkemans (1913-1995) has spent his entire life in search of ‘the essence’ of music.

In the 1950s he made a name for himself at home and abroad with his brilliant Mozart and Debussy performances. He is also one of the most frequently performed Dutch composers in that period.

Twenty-five years after his death, his ‘musical sons’, Ed Spanjaard, Jac van Steen and Melchior Huurdeman look back on their friendship with Hans Henkemans and on his striking role in the ‘sonic’ discussion. They believe that the time is right to bring the forgotten music of Hans Henkemans to the attention of a new generation of Dutch musicians, including pianists Lucas and Arthur Jussen, Nikola Meeuwsen and violinist Liza Ferschtman.


Raised in a musical family Inge Helena explored various aspects of music. While she was a psychology student at the UVA she interviewed bands for cult tv, later on, she wrote for Heaven music magazine, OOR, and Bo & Lupa. She booked, managed, and traveled with several artists and bands. Based in Amsterdam she travels the world in search for authentic sounds, festivals, and music gatherings. Her passion for music brought her to live in Austin Texas for a while and whenever possible she attended SXSW and the jazz heritage festival in New Orleans. In 2008 she initiated and researched a documentary about music venue The Paradiso that premiered at the IDFA. Ever since she is a moderator for music films at IDFA and excited to join the IN- EDIT team, a festival with documentaries where her love for music, film, and psyche are all coming together

Available screenings:




Sunday 20th June, 15:00h

Het Ketelhuis 1

Live Q&A with director Harro Henkemans. Moderated by Inge Helena Rietjens




Saturday 10th July, 14:30h

PAARD, The Hague

Live Q&A with director Harro Henkemans



Ed Spanjaard, Jac van Steen, Lucas and Arthur Jussen, Nikola Meeuwsen, Liza Ferschtman.


Harro Henkemans


Daan Veldhuizen


Joost Schrickx, Stichting Pelicula