The Muff

Closing party the Pacific Parc

What’s that in the sky? Is it a Great Gig? Is it a Jefferson Airplane, is it a Led Zeppelin? No! It’s The Muff!


The Muff are IN-EDIT lovers and the best ones to end the first edition of the festival! Come to the CLOSING PARTY for free!


Founded in 2011, The Muff is a four-headed band from Amsterdam. They have played all over Amsterdam and the rest of Holland, at top-locations as Paradiso, de Melkweg, Magneetfestival, Solar Festival and Huntenpop.


In 2016 they retreated in a little place in France, to write their debut album. After recording and mixing- all in direct labour, the album ‘People Sheople’ will be released late 2018.


Before that climax moment comes, you can experience the Muff all by yourself. Check out the epic harmonies, beautiful melodies, and energetic grooves that will keep you up all night! Pure attitude on stage!

Check hier een live optreden van The Muff



Video: The Muff leeft, zweet en rockt in het hier en nu. En viert dat leven in Now Is The Time

Publicada por Never Mind The Hype en Martes, 15 de mayo de 2018

More info:

Closing Party
May 20th, 00.30H
Pacific Parc

You can attend the CLOSING PARTY for free but we highly recommend you to check our films!

1€ Service Costs