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Smack my PITCH up! The Pitch Sessions

IN-EDIT invites young makers to pitch their music documentary projects in front of selected advisors, IN-EDIT ambassadors and audiences. After a feedback round, there will be a winning pitch. Finalists will receive a workshop with a coach in preparation. The winning pitch will (among other prices) secure a place in next year’s IN-EDIT festival!

From the applicants, a few projects will be selected to attend the IN-EDIT Pitch Session, which consists of a pitching workshop and the final pitch to the audience and advisors. During the workshop, the participants get to further develop their ideas through both group and one-on-one coaching, feedback rounds, and discussions with their peers. Then they are given the rest of the day to further prepare their pitch. On Friday the participants have a short time to describe their ideas to the advisors panel. After this short presentation, the advisors ask questions to help the makers better shape their idea into something more tangible and give feedback on the strong and weak points of their pitch. This way, the participants get the advisors’ insight on their project while competing for the win: a secured place in our IN-EDIT 2023 programme.

Smack my PITCH up! is an excellent way to promote young talent, network, and provide a space for new ideas to flourish. Through pitching one can communicate one’s plans to a relevant public, something that opens up the possibility of having other people joining in on the creative journey. As the event is open to the public, it’s the perfect opportunity to have the audience express their interest in a project and become part of the creator’s team.

The Industry Meetings will take place at Melkweg on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th of April 2022. The Pitch Workshop will take place on the 7th and The Pitch Sessions on the 8th of April 2022. You can access all events of the Industry Meetings with the Industry Pack, which can be bought for €20 and film students have a 50% discount. For discount code contact your school or email us at Buy INDUSTRY PACK tickets.

Be aware that all applicants must agree with the terms and conditions.

Smack my PITCH up! is part of our Industry Meetings programme.

Dennis Alink

Dennis Alink (Presenter and Moderator)

Dennis Alink (1989) is an Amsterdam-based filmmaker who works in both documentary and fiction. His feature-length documentaries Sluizer Speaks (2014) and Unknown Brood (2016) both premiered at IDFA. In 2018 Dennis released his third documentary Goin’ Rectal and in 2019, his fourth, Freek. Dennis’ films are driven by artistic motivations and the interest to explore the possibilities and borders between fiction and documentary.

The Advisors

Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen

Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen has a masters degree in Theatre and Film Science from the University in Utrecht. She got involved in IDFA in the beginning years of the festival and also worked as producer at a Dutch broadcaster.

From February 2007 on she is Head of the Industry office of IDFA . In this position she is in charge of the professionals program of IDFA including the markets FORUM and Docs for Sale. Besides working at IDFA she serves regularly as member of the selection committee of IDFA Bertha Fund which aims to generate more attention for the voices of filmmakers from Asia, Latin America and Africa by supporting filmmakers with grants and mentorship. She also serves from time to time at selection committees and juries of international film festivals and markets.

Petra van Horssen

Petra van Horssen started Film Incompany in 2011 with a large experience as a film publicist, PR agent and marketing manager at Cinemien. The first successful film was the French box-office hit Untouchables.

Film Incompany is specialist in marketing and film promotion from the earliest stages of production to the distribution stage. She works with an experienced team that has been involved in the organization of film festivals, film distribution, marketing campaigns, red carpets, junkets, and screenings.

Recent campaigns they run were for documentaries Flee, The Alpinist, The Velvet Queen, Writing With Fire and The Lost Leonardo. Premiere event for Madres Paralelas, and promotion for IN-EDIT music documentary Filmfestival.

Jan Doense

Jan Doense is a producer, director, festival director and film distributor. He studied law at the University of Amsterdam and film at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, the New York Film Academy and Binger Filmlab and completed the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs workshop. Since 2019, he is the director of the international film festival Film by the Sea.

Janneke Doolaard

Janneke Doolaard is the owner of film production company DOXY and has been producing high-profile quality documentaries since 2004; experience she has been adding to with fiction films under the name FIXY – grounded fiction, rooted in reality.
Janneke is part of European producers network EAVE, was Producer on the move during Cannes in 2016 and is a board member of NAPA (Dutch Audiovisual Producers Alliance).

Recent musical titles are Here we Move Here we Groove (Sergej Kreso) and Vrienten and Vrienten in: Basmannen (Joris Postema). Erbarme Dich, Matthaeus Passion Stories and Over Canto (Ostinato) – both by Ramon Gieling – received a Crystal Film for box office success. Later this year, the music documentary L’Amour la Mort will be released in cinemas.

The Pitch Coach

Koen Suidgeest

Koen Suidgeest is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, and teacher. His projects deal with human rights issues with a recurring focus on the rights of women in the developing world. Koen teaches filmmaking at a variety of universities, among which the Institute of Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University and is currently the president of the board of Leiden Shorts, a film festival in his hometown of Leiden.

The Pitch Projects

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Thursday 7th April, 09:30h- 12:30h

Friday 8th April, 13:00h to 15:00h


Free for applicants

Submit your work in progress project and apply to participate for FREE!

You can access all events of the Industry Meetings with the Industry Pack, which can be bought for €20 and film students have a 50% discount. For discount code contact your school or email us at

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