Getting Real: How to Get Behind the Artists’ Fences

Panel in collaboration with IDFA

Is it possible for a creative, independent documentary filmmaker to get behind the preferred image of an artist or band? Can the filmmaker contradict the existing (mythological) image or to nuance it and show real humanity and vulnerability? What does it take for a filmmaker to do this? What are the complexities and what are the forces opposing this?


In collaboration with IDFA we set a panel of great relevant speaker to answer these questions.


This Panel will be followed by the Crossovers and the Industry Drinks!




Jasper Hokken (1989) is a jr. programmer at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) responsible for selecting music documentaries and organizing live events. He is also a curator for IDFA’s Short Documentary Competition and he runs the festival’s online video-on-demand collection, which currently offers a curated online catalogue of around 700 documentaries that previously screened at the festival. Before Hokken started working at IDFA in 2011 he studied Media & Culture Studies at University of Amsterdam. In 2012 he got his Master’s degree in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image, specializing in online distribution.



Oscar van der Kroon started as a print journalist (1974-1983). He became a movie critic (1979-1985), a reporter on the daily television news (1984-1990), current-affairs reporter on a daily TV programme (1990-1995) and writer of Ministry In Crisis (1994) and Sick of Defense (1998). He was an investigative reporter (1995-2003) and editor of art-programmes NTR (2003-2010). He became the founder and chief-editor of art-channel Cultura in 2006. Since 2010 he is head of Documentaries at NTR.



Suzanne Raes (1969) studied Cultural Studies in Amsterdam and started out as editor and contributor with several TV programmes. Since 2001, she works as independent director of documentaries and educational films and also she creates accessible and committed music documentaries that have been shown worldwide and that have archived an enduring lifespan after the initial screening. Examples are Boudewijn de Groot – Kom nader (2015) or Hold on Tight ‑ De Dijk (2011).



Primarilly known as singer and lyricist of De Dijk, one of Hollands most well known bands, he has also released several solo projects, including the album ‘Simpel Verlangen’ in 2013, and he has had occasional appearences as an actor in films and series. In 2018, he was awarded the Lennaert Nijgh-Award for his work as a lyricist.



David Kleijwegt made name for himself in the Netherlands as a music critic before becoming editor in chief of VPRO’s Lola da Musica, a series of  music documentaries, in the nineties. In 2006 he made The Eternal Children, zooming in on the freak folk scene, and not long after that he directed You May Need A Murderer, about slowcore band Low. He’s now working on The Race, about a physics burning ambition to build a quantum computer.



Linde van Schuppen studied philosophy and is currently pursuing a PhD on language and psychopathology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.  In addition to her academic endeavours, she teaches, gives talks and is a moderator at all kinds of events. In her free time, Linde is a music and film devotee with a special interest in the workings of the creative mind.’


During the festival she will act as moderator and presenter.

May 19th, 13.00H
Het Ketelhuis / Cinema 2

The Industry Meetings are free but you need to reserve your spot!

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