Panel of Directors

As part of the IN-EDIT Industry Meetings, a panel of distinguished filmmakers and professionals exchange opinions on a subject pertaining to this year’s theme of IN-EDIT. During a moderated discussion, the panel guests are not simply answering questions, but rather engage in a conversation. For the last few minutes of the panel discussion, the floor is open to the audience to participate, allowing for the conversation to become more lively and interactive, encouraging further discussions beyond the session.

The Industry Meetings will take place at Melkweg on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th of April 2022. The Panel of Directors will take place on the 7th of April 2022. You can access all events of the Industry Meetings with the Industry Pack, which can be bought for €20 and film students have a 50% discount. For discount code contact your school or email us at Buy INDUSTRY PACK tickets.

10:30h Panel of Directors with Sacha Vermeulen (Ronnie Flex, alleen met iedereen; 30 jaar Dutch Dance), Marlou van den Berg (Ademtocht, de vele gevechten van Maite Hontelé; Het Dinsdagavondgevoel), Simone de Vries (Proud to be an Asshole from El Paso, Igone: It Is All About The Flying), and Jonnah Bron (Studio HER) moderated by Linde van Schuppen.

The Panel is part of our Industry Meetings program

Linde Van Schuppen

Linde van Schuppen (Moderator)

Linde van Schuppen studied philosophy and is currently pursuing a PhD at the Radboud University in Nijmegen on the language and structure of stories, specifically the stories of people with a sensitivity to psychosis. In addition to her academic endeavours, she teaches, gives talks, and acts as a moderator for all kinds of events. In her free time, Linde is a music and film devotee with a deep love for everything story-like.

Marlou van den Berge

Marlou van den Berge is a documentary director and camerawoman.

After graduating from the film academy in Amsterdam in 1991 in the direction documentary and camera, she started her career at the VPRO. There she trained in the two disciplines in various programmes such as Onrust, Lolapaloeza, Lopende Zaken, 7 dagen and Backlight. She made reports on Zap Mama, Charlotte Margiono, the Cuban band La Vieja Trova and a documentary on Cuban jazz pianist Ramón Valle.

The documentary Ademtocht, de vele gevechten van Maite Hontelé about salsa trumpeter Maite Hontelé was selected for the Golden Calf competition at the Dutch Film Festival and subsequently toured various countries in Latin America.

Her most recent work Het Dinsdagavondgevoel about The Amsterdam Mixed Choir and the consequences of the corona pandemic will premiere at the IN-EDIT NL Festival.

More information about Marlou van den Berge on

Jonnah Bron

Her way of working, view on aesthetics and the constant urge to contribute to a better representation of different subcultures, has never let her down.

As a visual thinker she likes to immerse with people, stories and relationships. Jonnah likes to shed light on this from an authentic, honest and investigative perspective. Out of a great need to be better represented as a queer person, she started pointing her camera at her and her loved ones. Jonnah’s interest lies mainly in making intimate portraits and everything that comes with it; how do you create the safest possible bubble between photographer and model?
Topics such as sexuality, identity and relationships are recurring themes that she highlight.

At the moment Jonnah is working on her short film about the different forms of intimacy. She is part of the Studio HER collective.

Simone De Vries

Simone De Vries

Simone De Vries’ first film, Proud to be an Asshole from El Paso (2000) about Texas country singer Kinky Friedman, screened at SXSW in Austin. In 2007 she won a Golden Calf for her film about John Callahan.

De Vries’ documentary about cabaret legend and singer Jasperina de Jong (2020) toured through the Netherlands. For her documentary, Beer is Cheaper than Therapy (2011) Simone started working with composer Robin Berlijn. Then, Igone: It Is All About The Flying (2021) was nominated him for a Buma Music Award.

Simone’s latest film, Amsterdam, it is your birthday soon (2021) was an experiment in stock music and she is now working on two films—both about musicians discovered on Instagram!

Sacha Vermeulen

Sacha Vermeulen started her career at MTV Networks and then continued as an independent director for broadcasters and platforms such as VPRO, Videoland, Omroep Zwart, BNNVARA and NTR. She made her debut as a documentary maker with the film ‘Ronnie Flex – ‘Alleen met Iedereen’.

Other titles include: De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig: ‘De Formule’ and the three-part documentary series: ’30 Jaar Dutch Dance’. Her last film was a sequel to her first documentary: ‘De Vlucht van Ronnie’. In addition, Sacha has been involved in programs such as IDFA, Lowlands, Pinkpop, Wintergasten, Holland Festival, 3voor12, OnStage, Black Lives Matter, and the FunX Awards.

Two documentary series are currently in development.




Friday 8th April, 10:30h


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