Panel Discussion

In the first part of the Industry Meetings, a panel of distinguished filmmakers and professionals exchange opinions on a subject pertaining to this year’s theme of IN-EDIT. During a moderated discussion, the panel guests are not simply answering questions, but rather engage in a conversation. For the last few minutes of the panel discussion, the floor is open to the audience to participate, allowing for the conversation to become more lively and interactive, encouraging further discussions beyond the session.

‘What’s the Story?’, as the theme of next edition, will lead the conversation towards how the construction of a film storytelling might work and diverge from start to end, what stories aren’t told in the film and why and how a director struggles with a particular story.

Since the live audience capacity is quite limited in this IN-EDIT edition due to the circumstances, the event will be streamed live on our platforms and the audience tuning in will also have a chance to ask questions and participate in the discussion through their comments.

The Panel is part of our Industry Meetings program and will be followed by Smack my PITCH up! The Pitch Sessions.

Panel participants:

Frank Scheffer, cinematographer and documentary film producer (Conducting Mahler – 1996, a trilogy of films on Frank Zappa – 2000-07, How to Get Out of the Cage (A Year with John Cage) – 2012, and many more). His work has been featured in many festivals and museums around the world.

Sacha Vermeulen, documentary filmmaker (Ronnie Flex-Alone with Everyone – 2017, De Vlucht van Ronnie – 2020). Sacha has been involved with programmes on IDFA, Lowlands, and Holland Festival, to name a few.

Sanne Rovers, documentary filmmaker (The Long River Slides – 2019). Her work has received a lot of nominations and has been featured at IDFA.

Duco Donk
Duco Donk, filmmaker (Jimmy is Punk-The Story of PANIC – 2020). The film received many awards and nominations.

Saturday June 5 @ 11:00
Cinema Zaal

The Industry Meetings are free of charge and will operate on a first-come-first-serve basis


Linde Van Schuppen Linde van Schuppen studied philosophy and is currently pursuing a PhD on language and psychopathology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. In addition to her academic endeavours, she teaches, gives talks, and is a moderator at all kinds of events. In her free time, Linde is a music and film devotee with a special interest in the workings of the creative mind.