Los Bando

Director Christian Lo
Norway, Sweden / 94 min. / 2018 / Dutch / NO subtitles

Axel and Grim have been best friends for years and together they have one big dream: write musical history with their rock band Los Bando Immortale. Grim is the drummer and Axel sings and plays the guitar. On the day they receive an invitation to participate in the most important talent competition for rock music in Norway this dream suddenly seems to become a reality!


There is only a small problem: Axel cannot sing at all… Grim never dared to say anything and now he cannot go further that saying that there is ‘something missing’ in the band. Axel proposes to look for a bass player. The only one who shows up for the audition is Thilda. She is nine years old but already a phenomenal cellist with a cello cover that is almost larger than herself. With Thilda in the band, the musical road trip can start to the far north. They “borrow” a camper and with the local rally talent Martin as a driver – the only one who can drive a car – they go on the road. What they do not know is that Martin does not have a driver’s license but this is not the only surprise they encounter on the way! The trip, which starts so quietly, soon becomes a turbulent race, with anxious parents and the police on their heels. Martin must make every effort to reach the grand final in Tromsø.

Los Bando
Sunday 7 at 11:00
New talent stage at the Terrace!
Main actors
Tage Hogness, Jakob Dyrud, Tiril Marie Høistad Berger
Music composer
Eirik Myhr
Bjørn Ståle Bratberg
Trine Aadalen Lo, Nicholas Sando