Lage Toanen, Brede Groeden

Lege Toanen, Brede Groeden

Director: Chris Frieswijk
2022 | Netherlands | 30 min | Dutch and Frisian spoken | English and Dutch subtitles

Music is Arnold de Boer’s most important language. He has been touring the world as Zea for over 20 years and playfully switches between electropunk, world music, and intimate acoustic songs. In ‘Low tones, wide grooves’ we follow the creation of his second album in the Frisian language: ‘Witst noch dat d’r neat wie’ (Remember when there was nothing). During the creative process we discover Arnold’s tireless search for connection; from the Makkummer drum band where he started as a boy, to the Ghanaian kologo star King Ayisoba’s manpower. At the same time, it is a journey for who he wants to be as a musician. Old pieces of wood symbolize his rudimentary approach to music – they are the ‘wide grooves’, in which Arnold de Boer gives place to his music in a direct, unpolished and unrestrained way.

Side programme: Zea (live) and Q&A with the director

Available screenings:



Thursday 7th April, 19:30h


*Zea (live) and Q&A with the director