Het dinsdagavondgevoel

Het dinsdagavondgevoel

Director: Marlou van den Berge
2022 | Netherlands | 60 min | Dutch spoken | No subtitles | World premiere

The Amsterdam Mixed Choir has been hit hard by the Corona virus. Of the 130 members, 102 became ill, one member died, as did three partners of choir members. A choir exists by the grace of congregational singing. How does the choir overcome the fear of singing together again and manage to remain united?

For the past two years, director Marlou van den Berge followed The Amsterdam Mixed Choir during the Corona crisis. The choir was disproportionately hit by the virus. More than a hundred people became ill, one choir member and three partners of choir members died. The choir continued to sing; from home, at a 1,5m distance, with masks and very carefully together again. Het dinsdagavondgevoel is a film about fate, and the power to deal with it. But above all an ode to the choir and singing together.

Side programme: Q&A with the director moderated by Inge Helena Rietjens

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Sunday, 10th April @ 16:00h


*Q&A with director



Amsterdam Mixed Choir


Annelotte Medema


Hans Bouma


Carolijn Borgdorff

Libretto Choir

Ester Naomi Perquin

Film- and Choir Music

Paul M. van Brugge