George Michael: Freedom - The Director's Cut

Directors David Austin & George Michael
UK / 113 min. / 2018 / English / English subtitles

We are extremely happy to be the the ones screening the European Premier of George Michael: Freedom – The Director’s Cut. And we will have the pleasure to enjoy the presence of the co-director and one of the best friends of George Michael, David Austin!


An abridged shorter version has recently been screened on T.V. however this extended director’s cut features incredible, never seen before material including – private footage from George Michael’s personal archive, unreleased music recorded specifically for the film and never seen before footage of George himself creating a record as well as his last and final interview prior to his death. It is a poignant and intimate portrait of a music icon, narrated and co-directed by George Michael himself just before his death.

My name is Alex Kain (39), board member at Transgender Netwerk Nederland (TNN) and secretary volunteer at COC Amsterdam. For more than 70-years COC Amsterdam has been very committing to LGBT-people in its emancipation and is still going strong through their monthly empowerment events for the entire community. I identify as a straight trans woman with a gay past, who has a lot of experience and knowledge about gay lifestyle and culture.


The artist George Michael has always been very important to me, not only because of his 80s and 90s music, but also because of his recognizable ‘in the closet’ and ‘sexual identity denial’ past. He eventually also had to cope with the accompanying stigmas in which he had to deal with later in his life.


His song ‘Freedom’ describes letting go of the past, challenging yourself to remain the same and to embrace for what is to come in future life. This is a universal thought for the LGBT-movement in their struggle for respect and equality!

George Michael: Freedom - The Director's Cut
May 20th, 16.45H
Cinema 1
Q&A with co-director David Austin

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European Premier at IN-EDIT NL!
George Michael, David Austin, Emmanuelle Alt, Tony Bennett, Liam Gallagher, Jean-Paul Gaultier
David Austin and George Michael
David Austin, Lisa Johnson