Eyes Stop Growing

Director Javier García Lerín
Spain / 85 min. / 2018 / Catalan and Spanish / English subtitles

Intimate and emotional profile of the Mallorcan singer Miquel Serra, his songs, his philosophy on life and the close relationship with his brother Joan through music, in life and beyond.


Songs filled with feelings that blend Mediterranean folk and psychedelic pop, fragments of homemade videos filmed during their youth and interviews with those who knew them best. These are the raw ingredients of a film of great melancholic beauty that captures Miquel Serra’s life and musical career, viscerally bound to the figure of his brother Joan Serra, whose premature death left a gap as huge as his artistic legacy (in the form of drawings, paintings, engravings and songs) awakening in Miquel the need to compose songs. A relationship between two restless and creative minds that grew closer than ever after the loss of their parents, resisted the onslaughts of a schizoaffective disorder and moulded a universe of its own, marked by the sensations and yearnings of childhood. More than music, this is a film about creativity, death, emotional regeneration, the cycles of life, and the absence and persistence of the past in the present.

Moon Moon Moon will delight us with a beautiful intimate set.


“If you can’t win, sing about losing as well as you can”, is a quote that best describes the intense self-reflective dark folk-pop songs of Moon Moon Moon. It’s no coincidence either, that this quote is by Mark Lohmann, who writes the songs and online biographies for the band.


The band consists of five humans; Mark Lohmann, Steven Jasperse, Stef Koenis, Jari Deelstra and Jelle Crooijmans. On stage, they play music that makes some of the people in the crowd say “Sparklehorse, Eels, Youth Lagoon, Sun Kil Moon”.

Eyes Stop Growing
Sunday 7 at 18:45
Moon Moon Moon (live!)
Miquel Serra, Joan Serra, Pep Toni Ferrer, Michael Mesquida, Miquel Perelló, Aina Rogers, Xisco Fuster, Miquel Ángel Cabrer, Joan Cerdà, Helyett Carayon i Joan Pascual
Javier García Lerín