Elvis Lives!

Arjan Vlakveld
The Netherlands / 55 min. / 2017 / English, Dutch / English subtitles

No Music Documentary Film festival should start without paying tribute to The King!


The film will be followed by a short Q&A with our special guest Art Rooijakkers by Danny Butler and a Rockabilly live show at the terrace stage with The Bontones.


Last year was 40 years since Elvis passed away. The Dutch broadcaster NTR made the travel documentary Elvis Lives! in his honour. The hosts Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Art Rooijakkers and Andrew Makkinga search for the legacy of The King. We will visit Memphis and Tupelo where Elvis grew up, of course we will visit Las Vegas, but also in Japan we will ask ourselves the question: To what extent does Elvis still live, 40 years after his death?


In Elvis Lives! die-hard fan Art Rooijakkers will try to get closer to the real Elvis. For this he’ll pilgrimage to the deep South of the United States. In Memphis he visits Sun Studio where Elvis made his first ever recordings, his famous Graceland house and the newly opened Elvis Presley Memphis Centre: a complex across Graceland fully dedicated to Elvis. In Elvis’ birthplace Tupelo he visits his birth house and the church where he took his firsts steps in music. In Sedona, Arizona he speaks with Larry Geller, who was his hairdresser and his spiritual guide (!) for fifteen years. He wrote several books about Elvis. Through him Art hopes to find out more about the person behind the legend.
Of course we have to visit Las Vegas, the city that is synonymous with The King. Andrew Makkinga is witnessing a real Elvis wedding, meets several impersonators and he investigates if the bond between Elvis and Las Vegas is still as strong nowadays.

Are the biggest Elvis fans found in Japan? Matthijs van Nieuwkerk checks if this is true. He will submerse in the Rockabilly culture of Tokyo. He finds collectors, impersonators, iconic hairstyles and Elvis stores.

Always a storyteller in anything he does, actor, performer and writer Danny Butler thrives on visuals, ideas and unusual perspectives. A unique subject looks better against a clichéd background and vice versa.


Happily blurring the line between acting and presenting, Danny also likes to on voice acting jobs, sometimes taking on different roles in one production. He enjoys taking on new challenges. Anything to keep the voice flexible.


As a presenter, Danny brings together thorough preparation and improvisation. When everything falls apart, you make that the art. There are worlds to be explored.


More info: linkedin.com/in/butlerthewriteractor


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Festival premier
Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Art Rooijakkers and Andrew Makkinga
Pascal Plantinga