Crossovers: film, music and now what?

Presentation of cool projects

We give space to short presentations of amusing and groundbreaking projects that appear from the crossover of film, music and new technologies. Expect being surprised with what it is currently being done and be inspired with what you can do!


The Crossovers will be followed by the Panel and the Speed Dating.


Ruud op den Kelder


Ruud started creating video games and other interactive media from an early age. His brain survived the dullness of highschool education by solving challenging technical and creative game development problems in a time when there were no public game engines available. He has a Bsc in Computer Science and a Msc degree in Game & Media Technology. Ruud’s alter ego / serious business identity is RoboRuud. RoboRuud collaborates with (music) artists, storytellers, design agencies & game-companies to create playful immersive worlds. Recently he started teaching AR & VR world building to the next generation of creatives.


For his presentation in our Crossovers section, he will focus on the different virtual worlds he has built to enhance the immersive experience of music and talk about the process of making them. More specifically, he will introduce us to the different kinds of animations he uses, he will speak about the talented people he works with, and he will give us examples of how to present a VR hardware setup in a physical space, in a way that looks enticing.


Arjan van Meerten

House of Secrets


The crew that created SURGE will present their award winning project.


Surge is one of the first real-time VR music videos created for the new generation VR headsets. It gives an amazing insight in the possibilities of VR as a medium for music videos.


The seamless fusion between music and visual effects come to life in an overwhelming experience which transports the viewer into a world caught in a permanent sunset, inhabited by mysterious abstract creatures. You have to see it to believe it.


As their first Real-time VR musicvideo, Surge has been crazy successful in the VR industry. They first launched it on the Oculus Share page where Surge quickly climbed the ranks and remained in the top 3 apps for months. It got featured in dozens of articles and was shown at festivals where it won several awards.



Audience Award at the Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival 2015

Proto Award for Best Score at the Proto Awards 2015

Rockumentary Grunn

Roeland Dijksterhuis

Carla Wolbers

Filmcollectief Groningen


Rockumentary Grunn is a cinematic heritage project about the Groninger music industry. They created 10 short documentaries about local people who played in bands or participated in organising festivals & concerts etc . With the use of there personal film, photo and audio archives they created the unique arena’s in which the story’s took place. To restore their personal archives, which contain footage of 60 years of music history, they collaborated with the the Groninger Archives.


They helped them saving and restoring footage that otherwise would be lost. In their presentation they will show a lot of found footage but they will also go deeper into, how they as filmmakers, create new stories by using new and existing archives and how this project changed the perspective of the Groninger Archives on the use of there own collection.


May 19th, 14.00H
Het Ketelhuis / Cinema 2

The Industry Meetings are free but you need to reserve your spot!