For this year IN-EDIT’s I will be responsible for the Festival’s online marketing and media collaborations, combining my geekiness for online tools and creative side.


I’ve been living in Amsterdam for a bit more than five years and one of the reasons I moved here was the richness of the cultural field. (In ‘normal’ times) the city is so vibrant, there are literally way too many choices of things you can do: go to a concert, movie, art opening. I love Amsterdam’s variety, and to be able to contribute to it while working for IN-EDIT.


Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

It took 12 years to sketch a portrait of an icon like Grace Jones. Her unapologetic determination in the recording studio, her fierceness as a performer, as well as her family life all come together to portray such a complex character.

The Strange Sound of Happiness

Saw it last year at In-Edit garden session at Cinetol. The sound of the marranzanu (mouth harp) immediately connected in my mind to the sound of spaghetti western. I watched so many of them as a kid, and yet I had no clue about the history of this instrument. Was really interesting to see and learn more!


New Order: Decades

Being a big believer in collaboration between artists and in giving a chance to young musicians, New order was really an inspiring film. The way New Order gives a chance to work with them and be part of such an experimental production is great. Plus it was really interesting to see such a complex production come together.