morning sessions with studio HER

Studio HER is a creative collective and project agency of 44 creators, embracing the female energy in all things film, video and photography. As a collective, Studio HER creates more diversity both on camera and behind the scenes. The studio takes part in projects that align with the collective’s values, promote sharing and exchange of knowledge, and that build a community of creatives in visual storytelling.

The collective exists to create more diversity behind the scenes, together with like-minded creatives, partners and sponsors. In these Morning Sessions with Studio HER we’ll touch on the female gaze and look into the worlds of Noria Chaal & Hannah Whiteley, who will take you on a discovery through different examples in the music and audiovisual industry, with examples ranging from big brands to small artists.

Noria Chaal (1991) started her adventure as a filmmaker with hip-hop and jazz artists from the Berlin scene. This brought her to Morocco where she directed a music video clip for a German rap label. In the meantime she discovered how many untold stories they were to tell in her motherland and decided to stay a few years. She has been documenting the local music heritage and capturing the growth of the emerging local artists. Now she is based in the Netherlands, from where she focuses on the African diaspora, African heritage and creative motherhood.

Hannah Whiteley (1996), an English-French creative producer, based in Amsterdam with experience as a film, video and photography producer in commercial, non-profit and personal creative projects. Her background ranges from working with startups, young NGOs, community projects and artists to sports brands, media platforms and advertising agencies. With a passion for music and storytelling that makes an impact, Hannah has driven her career over the past eight years with purpose – choosing projects that stand for something and building representative and inclusive teams on set, making sure there is diversity both on camera and behind the screens.


Morning Sessions with Studio HER
Saturday, 15th April from 11:00h to 13:00h


The entrance is €5, free for Cineville pass holders

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