The Industry Meetings is the professional program of the IN-EDIT festival. It is a yearly meeting point for professionals in the film and music industry and a platform for the new generation of artists and makers. The Industry Meetings offer to both new and established creators the opportunity to inspire and get inspired, to have a look at what is currently happening in the field and to collaborate and create new, innovative projects.


So what are the Industry Meetings?
It’s a series of events that cater to professionals in the field and anyone else interested in learning more about the the world of music documentaries and discovering the multiple ways in which music and visuals can work together to create a unique and original work of art.


What do the Industry Meetings include?
Panel Discussion: a round-table discussion with professional filmmakers that revolves around the festival’s general theme
The Crossovers: a series of presentations by young professionals and artists from various backgrounds, who work on innovative audiovisual projects and have music/sound as an integral element.
The Pitch Session: an event where young makers will have the opportunity to pitch their idea and get feedback from a panel of experts


When will the Industry Meetings take place?
The program is scheduled for Saturday May 16th at 11:00. It will end around 15:30 with networking drinks at the foyer of the Ketelhuis, encouraging the audience, the participants and the panel of experts to mingle, exchange ideas and talk about their projects in a more relaxed environment.


How much does it cost?
The professional program is FREE of entrance and it will work on a first-come-first-served basis.


How do I know what’s in the program?
To find out more about the program, you can subscribe to the Industry Meetings newsletter. We promise it’s only a few (up to 5) emails, between March and May. You can subscribe here.