Crazy Diamonds Tour 2019

18th May 2019Geen onderdeel van een categorie

IN-EDIT is going on tour! We are preparing several stops in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht to bring our beloved Crazy Diamonds closer to you.   We have two dates and more to be announced soon. Stay tuned via our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.   Sunday 26th May at 19h: Ruben Blades is Not My Name … Read More

About last night… #3rd day

7th April 2019Geen onderdeel van een categorie, NEWS

Ready to start a new punk revolution? We certainly are after the 3rd day of IN EDIT. A day full of events, talks and screenings, this punk day rocked!   At noon, the crossovers program started with presentations from Robin van der Kaa from Sizzer, Francesco Robustelli and Stacey Griffin from End of Time and Avinash Changa from WeMakeVR. We got … Read More

About last night…

5th April 2019Geen onderdeel van een categorie

LAST NIGHT WAS A BLAST!   We are super hangover of happiness for the great succes of the Opening Party! Many dear people came over to shine and celebrate with us the start of the 2nd edition of IN-EDIT.   Mr. Extravaganza and Diego Pascal Panarello took the stage like rock stars and delighted our … Read More

The Resonance of Happiness

1st April 2019FANZINE, Geen onderdeel van een categorie
“After playing the jaw harp for 10 minutes, the vibration goes through your mouth to your skull and your whole body resonates, getting into some kind of ecstatic euphoria. It feels like I am part of a shamanic ritual of an ancient civilization. This instrument has been around for thousands of years and many cultures [...]

OPENING PARTY: The Strange Sound of Happiness

24th March 2019Geen onderdeel van een categorie

LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE!!   IN-EDIT 2019 will open with the Dutch Première of the film The Strange Sound of Happiness (2018) by Diego Pascal Panarello. The director will come from Sicily to explain us more about his crazy, magical and hilarious trip to Siberia, where he could find all about the instrument of his obsession: the mouth harp. … Read More

Posters, hearts and tears: The Boyband Phenomenon

18th March 2019FANZINE, Geen onderdeel van een categorie
Boybands could almost be considered a subgenre of pop music and culture. There seems to be a pattern in their success amongst preteen and teenage audiences, mostly girls. A pattern that’s repeating itself in different eras and different countries too.   It’s something like a formula. 3,4, or 5 young single attractive men sing in [...]

Studio 54: Sex, drugs and disco

24th February 2019FANZINE, Geen onderdeel van een categorie
It only takes a google images search to get an idea of what the legendary New York nightclub Studio 54 was about. Photos of celebrities having fun, drinking, winking to the camera, engaging in somewhat strange activities (like riding a horse in the middle of the dancfloor) pop up. And not just any celebrities, but [...]