IN-EDIT also works for a professional program in which we intend to connect professionals in the film and music industry, but also serve as a platform for a new generation of artists and makers to check out what is going on in their field and what the possibilities are for further innovative projects.


In collaboration with IDFA, we organized for our first edition a panel with several speakers that will put light on the filmmakers difficult job of making honest portrayals:


Getting Real: How to Get Behind the Artists’ Fences

Is it possible for a creative, independent documentary filmmaker to get behind the preferred image of an artist or band? Can the filmmaker contradict the existing (mythological) image or nuance it and show real humanity and vulnerability? What does it take for a filmmaker to do this? What are the complexities and what are the forces opposing this?


Following the Panel, we held the Crossovers, short speed talks about amusing and groundbreaking projects that appear from the crossover of film and music.


The professional program was FREE at Het Ketelhuis.


Keep an wye on this page for the new program for the next edition of IN-EDIT 2019.

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