Studio 54: Sex, drugs and disco

24th February 2019FANZINE
It only takes a google images search to get an idea of what the legendary New York nightclub Studio 54 was about. Photos of celebrities having fun, drinking, winking to the camera, engaging in somewhat strange activities (like riding a horse in the middle of the dancfloor) pop up. And not just any celebrities, but [...]

The mighty Daniel Johnston

10th February 2019FANZINE
To those unfamiliar with the music of Daniel Johnston, a basic internet search will land one to discover that Johnston’s music was not only a favorite of Kurt Cobain’s, but that an interest for his music still lives on to this day.   In fact, it is not only this attention that has gotten his [...]

(not) Missing In Action

3rd February 2019FANZINE
I remember the first time I heard the music of M.I.A. very well. I was in my early teens when “Bucky Done Gun” came on our tv. I couldn’t really get the lyrics at the time, but the image of that fierce woman rapping in the Mojave desert is forever imprinted in my mind. I [...]

A Glimpse Into Their Lives

27th January 2019FANZINE
Music biopics are always around. It feels that every year there are many films about the lives of musicians and performers, some of them gain their popularity not only among the audience, but also among film critics. And now with Bohemian Rhapsody nominated for 5 academy awards, including that of Best Picture and Best Actor [...]

Shine on you, crazy diamonds

20th January 2019FANZINE
“Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.” The first lyrics from Pink Floyd’s “Shine on You crazy Diamond”, released in 1975 and written for Syd Barrett (noticed how the first letters of the title form his name?). It is [...]

IN-EDIT is back! Interview with Carla Navarro and Anna Chvartchenko

13th January 2019FANZINE
After a successful first edition, IN-EDIT is back again this year to please our ears, feast our eyes and warm our hearts with an international selection of music documentaries as well as live concerts, events and panel discussions.   IN-EDIT is a global festival that’s bringing together two of the most important ingredients of modern [...]

Elvis Lives!

12th June 2018FANZINE
Who is Elvis? And who is he to me?   Elvis Presley never performed in The Netherlands. Dutch folks have been as far removed from Elvis as the Amish from guitar amps. But some of us have our own stories …   My half-brother’s dad was an American who was killed in an accident before [...]

Interview with Dick Verdult/el Demasiado

15th May 2018FANZINE
The career of Eindhoven-based artist and musician Dick Verdult spans decades. He is seen as ‘the last Dada-ist’. But what we experience as elusiveness turns out to be quite controlled and funded on experiences from his childhood as a ‘Philips child’ in Latin America. We see how, at the age of 60, he has become a cult [...]

Sophie Janna over ‘Where You’re Meant To Be’

10th May 2018FANZINE, Uncategorized
Sophie Janna is folk muzikante en zal Lucky Fonz III op zaterdag 19 mei muzikaal begeleiden tijdens zijn presentatie van de film 'Where You're Meant To Be' over Aiden Moffat. Wij vroegen haar alvast wat vragen over o.a. haar favoriete muziekdocumentaires.   Hey Sophie, Wat vind je van het IN-EDIT festival en dat het voor [...]

Roeland Dijksterhuis about Rockumentary Grunn

2nd May 2018FANZINE
Hi Roeland, thanks for joining us today! We’re super stoked to see your Rockumentary Grunn project being played at IN-EDIT in a few weeks! Can you explain a little bit about the project, and also more on your short documentary called ‘Open the Gate’?  How did you come up with this idea?     Great [...]